6 KEY Digital Health Takeaways Attendees Learned at The Future of Healthcare 2017

Jim Gilbert
December 1, 2017

Digital Health Takeaways in Focus at Future of Healthcare 2017

The AAJ Technologies Future of Healthcare Forum was a huge success. Our 8 speakers from the digital health industry gave inspiring and forward thinking presentations.  

The Audience learns about Digital Health at AAJ Technologies Future of Healthcare 2017After the event was over, we polled our 70 attendees in an effort to improve future events.  The consensus of digital health takeaways was that the event presented information that would make a lasting impact on their healthcare organizations and help to guide future technology decisions.

The main digital health takeaways from the survey are presented below.  As the weeks progress we will be publishing more information – a deeper dive –  into what we all learned at the event (including publishing the speaker videos).

Consider this a high-level overview (a preview of what’s to come)

6 KEY digital health takeaways our attendees learned at The Future of Healthcare 2017

1. Most of all, constant technical innovation is needed for greater patient outcomes.

2. Companies not keeping up with the latest technologies will fall behind and find it hard to compete.

3. Telemedicine, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and machine learning will all be major opportunities for advancement. They are already causing dramatic shifts, and will continue to drive the industry forward.

4. Bringing different stakeholders together is the key to develop innovative solutions that can impact the entire health value chain.

5. Companies need to embrace both technology and culture change to see opportunities ahead.

6. It seems like there is a need for more transparency. The industry faces challenges to advancement due to lack of central sources of information.

Are the above items relevant to your business? 

If so, Jim McKeen, our Director of Healthcare Solutions can contact you to discuss your organization’s level of digital health adoption. Simply use the form below and Jim will get right back to you.

You should know that Jim is one of the most knowledgeable healthcare IT executives around and can help you identify and clarify your needs around many of the topics that were discussed at the Forum.  No matter what the status of your company’s digital health transition is, a quick discovery call with Jim and his team can help you take your technology to the next level.

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