Tech Gateway Day at Attucks Middle School AAJ Technologies Giving Back to the Community

Jim Gilbert
December 11, 2017

AAJ Technologies giving back to the community

Tech Gateway Day at Attucks Middle School in Hollywood

We love to give back to the community.  Since our earliest days, our AAJ Technologies corporate culture has been about providing quality IT and digital transformation services, and giving back to the community. On December 6th two members of our team Sam Jafri and Peter Elias did a presentation at Tech Gateway Day at Attucks Middle School in Hollywood as part of our AAJ Technologies Giving Back to the Community Program.

The children in Ms. Angelina Jadulal’s class engaged and really enjoyed the interactive lecture about Sam and Peter’s IT career.  They asked many great questions, which meant they were engaged in understanding the it information technology and career path.

Peter and Sam kept it light, fun and inspirational.  And a few times they all got downright silly (as you can tell in the picture, everybody was having fun and learning and even goofing around a bit)

We asked Sam his thoughts on the day and he said, “We had discussions on what Information Technology really means and how Peter and I got to where we are in our career and some steps to follow. Their favorite topic however was Artificial Intelligence and what to look forward to in the future. The students had an abundance of questions for us as well which brought a smile to my face. They were so interested in Technology and how the day to day operations of a technology company go. I could really tell they loved the discussion on Technology position salaries! Hope it served as motivation for them to stay on track and consider IT as a career path! It was a great sense of fulfillment to be able to give back and enlighten our youth as they continue to progress in life.”

Peter added: “It’s great to see kids excited for technology and eager to learn more about it. I truly feel at least one or two students will seriously look into a career in IT after listening to our speech. I would love to go to other schools to get kids fired up about careers in the IT field.”

Many thanks to the Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance and the Technology Gateway brand for allowing us this opportunity!


Jim Gilbert

ABOUT Jim Gilbert

Jim Gilbert is the Content Marketing Manager for AAJ Technologies. Jim is a 20 year digital marketing veteran, lecturer, author and former adjunct professor. He is also a 3 term past President of the Florida Direct Marketing Association. When not at AAJ, you can find him spending time with his family, biking around South Florida or enjoying some live music. You can reach Jim at: jim.gilbert@aajtech.com

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