Digital Health Education Event CEO Recap: Amjad Shamim’s thoughts: The Future of Healthcare

Amjad Shamim
December 13, 2017

Amjad’s CEO recap: key learnings from this year’s digital health education event: The Future of Healthcare Forum

Amjad-Shamim - CEO of AAJ Technologies

Amjad-Shamim – CEO of AAJ Technologies

As the CEO of AAJ Technologies, I have found that the quality level of the digital health education event our team creates every year consistently exceeds my expectations.  This year’s Future of Healthcare event, our 7th annual, did not disappoint.

My initial digital health event takeaway? 

The emphasis on digitally transforming healthcare was clear, but one could also sense the heightened expectations that technology will be a major enabler in the future of healthcare in general.  From every speaker and every conversation, the general sense was that healthcare in the near future will look very different from how it looks in 2017.  The patient will be more front and center, and communication on all patient related matters will come to be more organized and streamlined.  That said though, we have much work to do, on ALL levels of healthcare as we build out a new infrastructure with bold new steps.

My conversations with attendees, major learnings and major questions

I was able to spend time with many of the 70 attendees and speakers throughout the day.  To me, I am there to learn from the speakers, same as all the other healthcare executives.  However, it’s chatting with the attendees and learning where they are in their own careers and their organizations digital health journeys that empowers me most.

The topic of conversation throughout the day was data and how the ‘right’ data can help healthcare organizations make informed decisions and steer themselves in the right direction.

It was evident from the conversations I had with different executives that they understand that organization culture has to change. There was also a strong need to attract top notch talent who can help with organization and digital strategy.

What else healthcare executives found of interest:

Other topics that healthcare executives were curious about were Artificial Intelligence and IoT, and the different use cases in healthcare.  Major questions still surround these topics and we all agreed that when we meet back in 2018 for the next Future of Healthcare event, we may see a great deal more adoption by the healthcare industry on these new technologies.

My personal view and takeaways from the Future of Healthcare event:

My own view is that analytics and AI/Machine Learning along with Blockchain will be game changers in healthcare. Healthcare organizations have begun to realize the enormous power of data and how learning behaviors and patterns will enhance the quality of care.

My final thoughts on the event:

Though Blockchain is in its infancy in healthcare but the potential is enormous when it comes to privacy and data security. It may not be the silver bullet but it will prevent many of the security issues if implemented properly.

As a healthcare IT executive, for me it’s truly a time of great change, advancement and opportunity.  The work we have done in the healthcare industry has allowed us to be providers of both cutting edge services to our clients. And just as important to our culture of giving back here at AAJ Technologies, the work we have done has enabled us the rarest of opportunities – to present events like the Future of Healthcare Forum that drive our industry forward and connect us to others in our industry.

It is my pleasure to have met you all at the digital health education event, the Future of Healthcare 2017.

If you didn’t have a chance to meet me at the digital health education event, or you would like to discuss your organization’s level of digital health adoption, opportunities, challenges, etc., please feel free to email me at amjad.shamim@aajtech.com.

Amjad Shamim

ABOUT Amjad Shamim

Amjad Shamim is the CEO and Founder of AAJ Technologies. For over 20 years Amjad and his team have been serving the Florida IT and Digital Healthcare industries building evolutionary and revolutionary technologies that drive their organizations forward. Reach Amjad at amjad.shamim@aajtech.com

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