Webinar: How Nearshore Outsourcing To Latin America Expands IT Capabilities

Jorge Agnese
December 19, 2017

Webinar: Nearshore outsourcing to Latin America can help your IT department drive business growth.

In today’s world of digital transformation, the pace of change is ever increasing. The responsibility being pushed onto IT’s shoulders is changing to be more than just keeping the computers running.  IT is now required to be a true driver of the business. To take advantage of the new technology opportunities in this changing digital world, your teams have to become adaptive, agile, and resilient to respond to the new pressures coming to and from the business and the markets you serve and sell into.  Nearshore outsourcing to Latin America can help to take the pressure off of your internal IT resources and should be considered as an option.

Is your IT team keeping up?

One of the areas where companies are seeing success is in bringing in teams from the outside to help alleviate some of these pressures.  And, increasingly, these teams are coming from Latin America.

In this webinar, we explored:

  • The reasons why Latin America has become a hub for innovation, technology and great quality talent
  • Key reasons why you should consider looking at resources from the LatAm region
  • How one of your peers was able to make this type of relationship successful

The webinar presenters were Ed Dibleler, CIO/CTO from Automated Healthcare Solutions and Jorge Agnese Vice President, Nearshore and Outsourcing Solutions from AAJ Technologies. The Webinar was hosted by Rosana Leary Executive Director of the LatAm Alliance.

Watch the webinar now:


Find out more about nearshore outsourcing with AAJ Technologies.  Contact Jorge Agnese to set up a discovery meeting.  Together as a partnership, we can help lessen the load on your IT department.

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Review the PowerPoint deck used in the webinar on Slideshare


Jorge Agnese

ABOUT Jorge Agnese

Jorge Agnese is the Vice President, Nearshore and Outsourcing Solutions for AAJ Technologies. Reach him at: jorge.agnese@aajtech.com

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