Using BizTalk and MuleSoft to Make the Most out of the Cloud

Nadeem Akhter
December 26, 2017

Using BizTalk and MuleSoft to Make the Most out of the Cloud

BizTalk and MuleSoft, the integration platforms our experts specialize in, are great news for your total system integration. Why?

Because they offer the diversity and versatility you need to get the job done.

Between them, they already offer hundreds of connectors to existing apps, while also providing us with robust development tools to create new ones. They also enable system integration in the cloud through the use of cloud-based servers.  To understand why, let’s take a look at the two primary factors to consider when integrating your system: in-house applications, and B2B communications.

In-House Applications

Over time, as you choose the best software applications to run your day-to-day operations, you end up with a veritable United Nations of apps that don’t always communicate well. Both MuleSoft and BizTalk work to create an agile translation hub that lets your applications get on with their jobs and share what they know without having to talk to each other at all. That means you can focus on growing your business.

B2B Communications                                                                                         

Integrating communications between B2B apps is a next-level challenge, but it’s one that has to be met in order to keep your business moving forward. No organization is an island anymore, and we regularly export and import information to and from suppliers, vertical market partners, and information sites.

By this point, you’re already thinking about the set of applications you use to drive your daily workflow. When you consider the array of in-house software your B2B partners might be using, you can see the problem, can’t you? Total integration isn’t solely about internal operations. It’s about streamlining B2B information exchange.

What this means is that you can’t think of your total system integration as a two-dimensional back-and-forth within your own company. You need to consider where your business fits into a larger ecosystem. Miscommunications during B2B contacts result in mistakes that cost you and others time and resources. Frankly, they make you harder to work with.

This is where the cloud comes in. In a B2B system, the cloud is where your BizTalk or MuleSoft translator lives. And this is why you’ll frequently hear about “messaging” during discussions of total system integration. When you’re thinking of systems of applications and you hear the word messaging, think about sharing B2B information across applications, flawlessly and without disruption. That’s what the cloud does for you.

A Case In Point

Download our Citrix case study to see what the AAJ Integration Specialists can do!

Nadeem Akhter

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Nadeem Akhter Nadeem Akhter, Vice President, Integration. Nadeem Akhter is the Chief Software Architect at AAJ Technologies. He is responsible for providing the technical guidelines for client engagements with the company and proposing the best solutions based on clients’ needs, budget and timeframes.

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