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Honestly Assess Digitally Transforming Your Healthcare Organization

Healthcare organizations that successfully digitally transform themselves can seize new opportunities - while organizations that don’t will likely become obsolete. In the first post of this series, “8 Stages for Digitally Transforming Your Healthcare Organization,” a structured yet flexible approach to digitally transforming your healthcare organization was presented.  The first of these steps was to honestly assess digital transformation of your healthcare organization. In this post, the first step of the digital transformation journey of your healthcare organization will be explored in greater depth. Read more...

Technical Expertise

How to Establish and Maintain Transparency in Scrum

In order to understand how to establish and maintain transparency in Scrum, one must first understand that the Scrum development framework is.  Scrum is a development framework having three basic pillars: Inspection, Adoption, and Transparency. Read more...


Meet the AAJ Team: Jim McKeen, Director of Healthcare Solutions

Meet the AAJ Team: Jim McKeen, Director of Healthcare Solutions. Jim is our Director of Healthcare Solutions for AAJ Technologies, a full-service systems integrator that helps healthcare payer and provider organizations capitalize on the latest technologies to streamline operations, reduce costs, improve customer / patient care, and — ultimately — boost competitive advantage. Jim has over 25 years’ experience in the technology industry beginning... Read more...


Understanding Advanced AngularJS

Introduction to Understanding Advanced AngularJS AngularJS comes with a built-in dependency injection mechanism. AngularJS allows for the division of different components by injecting them into each other. AngularJS has the scope to each DOM element, and when the scope is defined it uses a dependency injection

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Opportunities for Digital Transformation of the Healthcare Ecosystem in 2018 and Beyond

In order to truly transform the healthcare ecosystem in the United States, all involved healthcare executives must examine the role they play. They must examine the unique opportunities available to them and how the approach they take may synergize with – or detract from – the ecosystem as a whole. Health plans, employer groups, hospitals and, read more...

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