Healthcare Organization Digital Transformation Using the Inspire Engagement Process

Murray Izenwasser
January 9, 2018

Healthcare Organization Digital Transformation Using The Inspire Engagement Process ™

In a previous post, the importance of addressing customers, employees, operations, products and data during a healthcare organization’s digital transformation initiatives were presented. Some high-level information, insight, ideas and potential solutions for digitally transforming a healthcare organization were offered. And future posts expounding on these five areas of digital transformation every healthcare executive must know were promised. This is the first post in a series of posts where we’ll share initial information on addressing a healthcare organization’s digital transformation using the Inspire Engagement Process ™.

Factors & Considerations Impacting Digital Transformation Initiatives

Every organization’s digital transformation initiatives are impacted by a number of factors and considerations:

  1. 1. Extent of legacy technologies involved
  2. 2. Internal knowledge and understanding of market opportunities and business conditions
  3. 3. Business and technical skill sets of internal resources
  4. 4. Availability of internal resources to participate in transformation activities
  5. 5. Awareness and knowledge of currently available and emerging technologies
  6. 6. Delivery timeframes and available budget
  7. 7. And a whole host of other considerations


Not all organizations have a strong grasp of what can be done or should not be done to digitally transform their company. Accordingly, many companies choose to accelerate delivery of their digital transformation initiatives by engaging a third party advisory firm. Whether or not a third party is engaged, a structured, flexible methodology to guide your digital transformation initiative is critical.  For many organizations, a successful, timely and cost-effective digital transformation can be realized by using the Inspire Engagement Process™.

Digital Transformation Using the Inspire Engagement Process

For certain clients’ digital transformation initiatives, AAJ uses our Inspire Engagement Process™. This approach is based on a focused examination of five areas of digital transformation using four consistent, iterative steps. Our Inspire Engagement Process has proven effective with various types of digital transformations including strategic initiatives, purely technology-focused programs, digital marketing programs, radical customer experience improvements, and operational advancements.

The key benefit of the Inspire Engagement Process is that it helps to maintain a consistent focus on a healthcare organizations’s digital transformation progress, while remaining flexible and open to accommodate other opportunities arising during initial assessment and solution design stages. Our process helps to develop an understanding of available opportunities, ensure the right questions are being asked as early as possible and ensure a focused, design thinking approach is utilized throughout the engagement.

Five Areas of Healthcare Digital Transformation Focus

The Inspire Engagement Process focus on five different areas of digital transformation:

  1. Engaging Customers: We’ll help you use technology to enable customer engagement and interactions, build tools that allow your business to provide better service and satisfaction, while increasing operating efficiencies and reducing costs.
  2. Empowering Employees: we help drive positive value from the inside, transforming business processes in ways that make them more intuitive and easier for users. Increasing productivity through better mobility and collaboration capabilities, and proving staff with easier access to useful data to help them do their jobs better.
  3. Optimizing operations: we guide our clients to become a digital business by modernizing operations, and becoming more responsive, innovative, and more predictive. Automation, integration and cloud migration optimize operations making it easier for their customers to do business with them.
  4. Transforming products: AAJ helps our clients to make the transition to digital, creating connections that enable data insights and develop business models with new revenue streams. We work with our clients to help modernize legacy systems and applications for the future.
  5. Unleash data: AAJ helps our clients leverage data, with new ways to enhance services, engage customers, and improve processes. We help integrate systems and back-end data, so information is accurate across the organization, enabling employees to gather insights, better serve customers, and provide customers and employees the capability to get what they need when they need it.


Healthcare Organization’s Digital Transformation Using the Inspire Engagement Process

Each session in the Inspire Engagement Process is intended to maintain a laser focus on the user, whether that user is the customer, the employee, the partner, or the vendor. An obsession with delivering value for the user guides and informs every decision and action made; ensuring that resources are facilitating solutions that will drive the business forward.

Regardless of the size or scope of your digital transformation initiative, the following four stepsare followed:

Step 1 – What is?

During the What Is? step, AAJ explores what’s currently happening within the client’s business. At a minimum, the current organizational state is confirmed. In addition, research is performed to obtain insight from outside the client’s organization, to the market, and from each user’s perspective across several landscapes:

  • Organizational
  • Technology
  • Competitive
  • User

Step 2 – What if?

In this step, AAJ’s focus is on what is possible, without constraints of time, effort, budget, and resources. Brainstorming and ideation sessions are used to explore ideas and generate new solutions that may or may not end up being viable. During ‘What if’ we are looking forward, and aren’t necessarily shackled by the constraints of the past.

Step 3 – What wows?

Throughout the ‘What wows’ process, decisions are made about which ideas and potential solutions identified during the ‘What if?’ step may best solve the problem. Alternatively, it may become apparent there’s a different problem than the one originally defined.

Throughout all Inspire Engagement Sessions, a focus on engaging customers, empowering employees, operations, transforming products, and unleashing data is maintained.

Step 4 – What works?

The ’What works?’ step is the ‘application of reality’ phase of an Inspire Session or Engagement.  A detailed prototype that stakeholders can review and provide feedback on, across multiple iterations if necessary, is created.

Gathering stakeholder and management feedback iteratively enables the rapid construction of a prototype. This prototype drives a deeper understanding of the solution based on the real-world feedback and usage from users.

Additional Details on Each Inspire Engagement Process™ Step in Future Posts

In future posts, we’ll dive into more details about our Inspire Engagement process. We’ll review deliverables of each Inspire Engagement step and share some examples. And we’ll share some opportunities, challenges, and potential issues associated with each step.

Implementing digital transformation initiatives within your organization using the Inspire Engagement Process™ increases your chances of a successful and cost-effective project completion. Contact AAJ Technologies for more information.

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1 Adopted from the book Designing for Growth: A Design Thinking Toolkit for Managers by  Jeanne Liedtka and Tim Ogilvie)


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