Q&A: AAJ’s Digital Transformation Leader Discusses ePharma 2018

Jim Gilbert
March 15, 2018

Q&A: AAJ’s Digital Transformation Leader Discusses ePharma 2018

Since the late 80’s, Murray Izenwasser’s career as a digital transformation leader has been largely focused on founding and operating successful digital marketing and technology agencies. Murray has held senior positions with some of the world’s largest digital agencies, including Sapient and Razorfish. In addition to frequent speaking engagements at popular marketing, technology, and industry events, Murray is the organizer and host of two recent sold out annual events: Digital Transformation Forum (June 2017), and the Future of Healthcare Forum 2017 – Digital Health (November, 2017).

ePharma 2018 – Accelerate Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Next week starting Wednesday, March 21st, the ePharma 2018 event takes place at the New York Marriott Marquis in mid-town Manhattan. The theme of this year’s ePharma event is “Accelerate Your Digital Marketing Strategy to Create Meaningful Patient Experiences.”  On the first day of this three-day event, Murray will be presenting “Voice is the New Experience: How to Meet Consumer Needs in an Evolving & Transformative World” at 3:00PM ET.

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A short Q & A on Digital Transformation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Note: Steve Sisko is a long-time healthcare IT resource with a significant presence on social media at www.shimcode.com and @ShimCode on Twitter. During last week’s 2018 HIMSS Conference & Exhibition in Las Vegas, AAJ Technologies had the opportunity for Steve to discuss healthcare digital transformation with Murray. This post presents some highlights from that conversation.

Digital Transformation in the Pharmaceutical Industry

As Murray readies for the ePharma event, Steve Sisko caught up with Murray to get his insight into the ePharma event, what sets it apart from other pharmaceutical industry events and what he believes attendees of ePharma 2018 may find particularly interesting and beneficial.

STEVE SISKO: You’ve founded similar innovation events in the digital healthcare space. Tell us a little bit about your background and why you’re excited about the ePharma 2018 event.

MURRAY: The Digital Transformation Forum (June 2017 and coming up this June 2018) and the Future of Healthcare Forum 2017 – Digital Health (November, 2017) really filled a void that was lacking in the space AAJ Technologies serves. I was able to grow attendance at both events in a short time and both were sold out.

As for my own background, I’m currently the Vice President – Strategy and Digital Solutions for AAJ Technologies. I’m also our Chief Marketing Officer.

STEVE: Tell us a little bit about ePharma 2018 — what is it and what can attendees expect?

MURRAY: The ePharma 2018 event focuses on the challenges and opportunities unique to digital marketing in the pharmaceutical industry. It’s not just about pharmaceutical products or just about marketing in general but rather offers a unique focus on digital transformation and marketing within the pharmaceutical industry.

Besides the main keynotes, there are four Concurrent Content Tracks intended to serve the diverse attendee needs:

  • Think Like a Patient!
  • Working the HCP Channel
  • Innovation: Fueling Your Future
  • Navigating the Social Landscape

Diverse Attendees, Emerging Technologies & Networking Opportunities

STEVE: How is it different from the many other conferences and trade shows for the pharmaceutical industry?

MURRAY: Many conferences lack diversity among attendees and are often really just semi-structured networking opportunities. The ePharma 2018 event brings together a diverse group of attendees and networking opportunities are certainly a large part of the value ePharma 2018 offers attendees. But it’s so much more. Conference organizers have created a balanced platform for discussion and exchange of ideas.

And the sessions within each of the content tracks present information for the entire ecosystem: pharma companies, payers, providers, employers, government, investors and innovative start-up organizations.

Voice Interaction Growing in User Interface Popularity

STEVE: Tell us a little bit about your session titled “Voice is the New Experience: How to Meet Consumer Needs in an Evolving & Transformative World.”

MURRAY: I’ll be presenting how voice technologies are growing rapidly in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. The lines are blurring between providers, payers, pharma and medical product companies and retailers, and it’s important for everyone in the pharmaceuticals industry to understand how this new technology is already changing their landscape. I’ll review how attendee organizations should be preparing for the new experience voice technologies offer and provide some examples of the types of interactions users can be expecting.

I’ll also be providing an opportunity for session attendees to interact with a voice-assisted device and we’ll have an open discussion to help attendees understand how Voice User Interface (VUI) is the new GUI (Graphical User Interface).

Editor’s note: Murray’s session “Voice is the New Experience: How to Meet Consumer Needs in an Evolving & Transformative World” takes place on Wednesday, March 21st at 3:00PM ET. You can find more information here.

STEVE: Where can more information about your session and the ePharma 2018 event be found and how can people get in touch with you?

MURRAY: Here are some links to the ePharma 2018 event including the agenda, venue information and how to register. Also noted is more information about my session.

ePharma 2018 Event: http://bit.ly/AAJePmain

Agenda: https://lifesciences.knect365.com/epharma/agenda/1

How to Register: http://bit.ly/AAJePReg

As to how I can be reached, people can connect with me on LinkedIn and follow me on Twitter where I share as @MurrayIz.

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STEVE: Anything else you’d like to share?

Murray: This is my second year speaking at the ePharma 2018 event and I’m really excited about sharing more on digital transformation in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries; particularly how voice technologies can radically improve the way people interact with each other, with companies and with their health. If anyone is interested in learning more about voice technologies and digital transformation – before, during or after the ePharma 2018 event – feel free to contact me using the form below, or email me at murray.izenwasser@aajtech.com

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