Voice Assistants in Healthcare – Recapping Voice is the New Experience Presentation by Murray Izenwasser at Pharma CX

Jim Gilbert
April 24, 2018

Voice Assistants in Healthcare – Recapping Voice is the New Experience

A Recap of Murray Izenwasser’s Presentation at the Pharma CX Conference

Murray Izenwasser from AAJ TechnologiesLate last month, about 125 pharmaceutical industry executives and healthcare thought leaders gathered at the Pharma Customer Experience Summit 2018 (PHARMA CX) in Summit, NJ to learn about designing and executing seamless experiences for patients, payers and providers.

About two dozen digital customer experience experts presented at the conference including Murray Izenwasser, AAJ Technologies’ CMO and Vice President, Strategy & Digital Solutions.

On day 2, Murray presented insights into next generation of voice assistants and Voice User Interfaces (VUI), and how they can be leveraged in healthcare to enhance the customer and patient experience.  Video from the event (audience shot) can be found here.

Murray presented “Voice is the New Experience” to 100+ attendees. This blog post recaps and shares select parts of his presentation.

Voice Assistants in Healthcare Are Being Widely Adopted

Murray began his presentation by sharing that almost 44 million voice assistants were sold in 2017. And that ‘smart speaker devices’ are penetrating the U.S. market faster than smartphones, TV’s, Radios, the Internet and computers! And it’s estimated that in the near future almost all households will have a voice assistant of some type.

Voice Assistants in Healthcare. AAJ Technologies. From the Presentation VUI is the New GUI by Murray Izenwasser at the Pharma CX conference


Voice Commerce, or the use of smart speaker voice technologies to research, select, purchase and pay for products is a leading use case which has turned out to be more popular than initially expected. Murray shared some stats from a recent voicebot.ai report titled ‘Smart Speaker Consumer Adoption Report’ that reveals that voice commerce is more popular than expected.

And Murray provided an overview of where voice assistants and voice-enabled virtual assistants including chatbots fall on Gartner’s Digital Hype Cycle.

Digital Hype Cycle. Murray Izenwasser AAJ Technologies Pharma CX Presentation

Opportunities for Voice Assistants in Healthcare

Murray noted voice assistants are used to engage patients, support Pharma interaction with providers, assist caregivers and help with training. He also shared some statistics on how voice assistants are starting to infiltrate pharmaceutical and other healthcare-related businesses. Murray also presented on how health care providers are leveraging smart speakers/voice technologies including:

  • 78% Use Voice on Phone
  • 48% Dictate on Their Phone or Tablet
  • 31% Use Digital Voice Devices
  • 29% Use Voice in Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Considerations for Using Voice Assistants in Healthcare

As with all new technologies, certain issues must be addressed and Murray shared an overview of these potential issues:

HIPAA – Voice is not immune to security and privacy considerations and HIPAA regulations.

Wi-Fi Connectivity – Wireless voice devices may be subject to private and public connectivity issues. For instance he talked about the recent event where “Amazon’s Alexa suffers widespread outage”.

Accents – While algorithms and device training may ultimately render this concern moot, accents and variations in speech can create misunderstandings.

Slang/Colloquialisms/Technical Jargon – Similar to the Accents issue above, voice assistants in healthcare are not immune to misunderstanding slang and technical jargon.

Mispronounced Drug Names – The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is rife with multi-syllabic, complex naming which presents issues similar to that of accents, slang and technical jargon.

Voice-User Interface (VUI) is the New Graphical-User Interface (GUI)

As the use of voice user interface (VUI) assistants grows, and the lines between healthcare providers, payers, pharmaceutical and medical devices companies and retailers blur, enhancing existing customer experiences and developing entirely new ways of interacting with customers is becoming a reality. To help make voice the new experience for your customers, contact AAJ Technologies today. Our experts can share use cases for VUI and provide your company opportunities to get ahead of the curve.

To review video from the event click here.

For some additional 3rd party insight into the PHARMA CX 2018 event, check out the #PHARMACX hashtag on Twitter.

Murray Izenwasser speaks about healthcare transformation and digital transformation events all over the country.  Learn more about having him speak for your organization here.

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