Video: Alexa and Voice Assistants In Healthcare. VUI is the new GUI Presentation from ePharma 2018

Mark Bernstein
April 30, 2018

Murray Izenwasser, VP Strategy and Digital Solutions for AAJ TechnologiesVideo from ePharma 2018 Alexa and Voice Assistants In Healthcare. VUI is the new GUI Presentation by Murray Izenwasser, CMO, VP of Strategy and Digital Solutions for AAJ Technologies.

In this video, Murray shares and demonstrates information up-to-the-minute information about Alexa and VUI, Voice User Interface adoption in healthcare, including:

  • Demonstrating various Alexa skills “proof of concept” healthcare use cases with the audience.
  • Murray defines the market for Alexa and other Voice User Interface Devices.
  • Discussing Alexa, and other VUI interfaces (like Siri) statistics and their staggering adoption rates.
  • And shares the many possibilities for the next type of user experience healthcare providers, practitioners and patients can expect to see (or are currently seeing)

For a written recap of the above presentation, follow this link.

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Learn more about how AAJ Technologies can digitally transform your organization, Integrate Alexa into your business, and identify opportunities for growth.  


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