What Can MuleSoft Do for Your Healthcare Organization?

Nadeem Akhter
May 7, 2018

Today’s world is more data-driven than ever. It’s vital to provide intuitive, robust interfaces to improve patient engagement, and to share data fluidly between departments and organizations. The retail, food service, and hospitality industries—and even the government—are all offering mobile portals to consumers, so it’s no surprise that patients look for a portal when choosing between healthcare providers. Fortunately, MuleSoft has had recent updates to its Anypoint system have provided the muscle healthcare organizations need. Let’s take a look at how you can drive patient engagement and cross-platform information sharing with the Anypoint system.

Sharing Data Across Systems

The true challenge when upgrading healthcare interfaces is data sharing across systems. Healthcare organizations face unique challenges when communicating across systems, since marrying health records and revenue cycles involves a host of legacy and specialty-specific platforms. MuleSoft shines in this arena. The Anypoint platform integrates data both in the cloud and on the premises. There are out-of-the-box connector sets to work with in the Anypoint Studio, and there’s also a crowdsourced storehouse of templates and examples known as the Anypoint Exchange. Using these tools, organizations can connect to databases and applications, or create entirely new channels, such as mobile apps.

Making Data Accessible for Mobile Apps

Implementing an Anypoint API and microservices architecture enables a multi-directional flow of information through mobile apps. HIPAA-compliant physician records can be shared with patients or other specialists. Patients can log their own healthcare data (blood sugar is a popular example) for their physician’s review. Apps can also automate the prescription process. They can send push notifications to remind patients to pay a bill or to follow-up on aftercare. You can also use application programming interfaces to create in-house apps that address staffing or other needs. It’s all about leveraging the cloud to simplify the process of sharing your existing data with one or more apps.

Real-Time Engagement

Compared to mobile app use, many of healthcare’s traditional means of contact are outdated, even passive. They also tend to be “next-in-line” type processes that serve one customer at a time. App-based engagement can decrease the bottlenecks you experience with phone or in-person-based contact. It’s more flexible for patients who don’t have to step away to make a phone call or leave the office in order to engage with you. The best mobile apps are collaborative and proactive. There is information exchange on both ends, and engagement is focused on simplifying tasks and preventing problems. It takes a robust system to handle this level of information sharing, and it requires the adaptability of the cloud.

The sheer volume and scope of the data healthcare organizations accumulate can make it seem like sharing it with patients is too complex a process to even attempt. But the tools to organize and distribute multi-source data in fluid ways already exist, and are waiting for your thumbs up. MuleSoft and the Anypoint system can manage your data streams and share them in ways that drive patient engagement and improve outcomes.

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Nadeem Akhter

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