Recapping Days 1 & 2 of the Inaugural Healthcare IT Expo & Conference

Jim Gilbert
June 1, 2018

The second day of the inaugural Healthcare IT Expo & Conference (HITExpo) is in the books and it’s safe to say the event has lived up to its billing as ‘a community of healthcare IT professionals focused on sharing, collaboration, and support.’

AAJ Technologies makes this claim based on the informative, live-streamed Think Tank sessions of Day 1, the lively, interactive sessions, and high-volume of social media activity over a less than 48 hour period. Additionally, the unique information – and great swag – shared by exhibiting sponsors helped advance the overall value of the Healthcare IT Expo & Conference

Live Streamed Sessions at the Inaugural Healthcare IT Expo

An interesting feature of the Inaugural Healthcare IT Expo event was the live-streaming of three Think Tank sessions on the first day of the event. And this live-streaming extended overall conference value beyond the physical confines of the venue and created a means to continue sharing Think Tank information long after the conference is over.

See the following YouTube recordings of the Think Tank sessions on the HealthScene Channel:

Going Beyond EHR’s

Practical Innovation

Communication & Patient Engagement

A Strong Social Media Presence at the Healthcare IT Expo

Given the background of some of the conference organizers, John Lynn and Colin Hung, known as @techguy and @Colin_Hung on Twitter, it’s no surprise the conference has a very active social presence.

Over 2300 tweets by 380+ Twitter accounts have been generated with the official #HITExpo hashtag since Day 1 of the conference. Almost 60 tweets an hour is a significant volume for a first-time conference. See #HITExpo tweets using the Symplur tool here.

Some Popular Tweets from the Healthcare IT Expo

To be sure, there were many ‘popular tweets’ made with the #HITExpo hashtag. A small sample of some of the more informative – and humorous – tweets follows:

You can find all the top tweets containing the #HITExpo hashtag here

“Patients are still carrying binders and CDs around…”. I’m waiting for someone to mention the “F” word… Fax – @JulieReisetter

“Having a patient & family advisory board is good. Better would be to compensate these boards for their time and valuable advice” – @GraceCordovano

“@ShahidNShah asking the #HITExpo audience to telegraph our needs as patients, clinicians & administrators. The SYSTEM may not have a solution but as individuals we might be able to solve it”@Colin_Hung

“Don’t contract for innovation while also dictating the solution, says @captoconsulting at #HITExpo.  Define a problem/opportunity first, then partner to find or build the solution.”@JaxCrane

“Most patients will find a way to work around the pitfalls of the #healthcare system. That doesn’t mean that the system doesn’t need fixing.”@LAlupusLady

A Little Levity at the Healthcare IT Expo in New Orleans

New Orleans Sweetness at its Finest!

Murray Gets His Pink Socks at the Healthcare IT Expo!

Lots of Great Panels at the Inaugural Health IT Expo

The three-day HITExpo event featured over 60 speakers sharing information, insight and actionable ideas in 40+ sessions spread across three separate tracks. As noted in a previous post, HITExpo sessions largely focused on the following five themes:

  1. Security and Privacy
  2. Analytics
  3. Communication and Patient Engagement
  4. IT Dev Ops
  5. Operational Alignment and Support

The Patient Experience Panel – With AAJ’s Murray Izenwasser

Also noted in a previous post, the Inaugural Healthcare IT Expo included a Patient Experience Panel featuring a diverse group of healthcare experts including AAJ’s Chief Marketing Officer and VP of Digital Strategy & Solutions Murray Izenwasser.

Here are a few tweets from the Patient Experience Panel. We’ll be sharing a more detailed recap of the Patient Experience Panel discussion in a future post.

“So … not to belabor a point, but any measure of healthcare quality should be from the perspective of the PATIENT. #PatientExperience is about the patient’s view of the healthcare care flow in the context of their health goals” – Matthew Loxton @mloxton

“Hospital CEO’s expect consumerism to be 50% of their strategic focus within 3-5 years”  – Colleen Barry @colleenkbarry

Patient Experience Insight Shared at the Inaugural Healthcare IT Expo

The following resources and reference materials were shared during the Patient Experience Panel:

Patient Experience Resources

Journal of Patient Experience – The official journal of the Association for Patient Experience

“How to build a robust provider improvement partnership program to enhance Patient Experience”

“Instruments to measure the inpatient hospital experience: A literature review”

AAJ Secrets Revealed and Swag Shared at the Healthcare IT Expo

In addition to AAJ’s Murray Izenwasser participating on the Patient Experience Panel, AAJ also served as a Proud Sponsor of the Inaugural Healthcare IT Expo. As with all events AAJ Technologies sponsors, information of unique value and bags of swag were shared by AAJ with conference attendees.

Murray reveals AAJ’s Secret Sauce to HITExpo Keynote Speaker Patient Activist Amanda Green aka. @LAlupusLady

“AAJ’s Secret Sauce is our ability to help healthcare organizations of all kinds fundamentally change all aspects of their business using digital technology.”

Top 50 Influencers Supporting Inaugural Healthcare IT Expo Themes

AAJ staff scoured the Twittersphere to locate thought leaders well-versed with supporting the five HITExpo themes.  These were shared with conference attendees and virtual participants alike.

Inaugural Healthcare IT Expo

Check Back for More from the Inaugural Healthcare IT Expo

More’s in store in the final day of the Health IT Expo tomorrow, Friday June 1st. In addition to more sessions focused on sharing, collaboration, and support, there will be a keynote by Dr. Rasu Shrestha, Chief Innovation Officer at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and a ‘Fireside Chat’ with Paul M Black, CEO of leading EHR vendor Allscripts.

In conclusion, we’ll be providing more detail in the overall happenings of the Inaugural Health IT Expo in the following days. In the meantime, stay tuned to the #HITExpo hashtag and follow the @AAJTech Twitter account. If you have any comments or questions about this post, our participation in the Health IT Expo and/or would like more information on AAJ’s ability to help your healthcare organizations fundamentally change all aspects of its business using digital technology, be sure to reach out to us.

Jim Gilbert

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