Employing Voice Technology to Interact at Conferences like the Healthcare IT Expo

Jim Gilbert
June 13, 2018

The inaugural Healthcare IT Expo (HITExpo) took place recently in New Orleans and AAJ Technologies used some of its Secret Sauce to add some heat to the conference in multiple ways. One of those ways was to provide each attendee with a bottle of AAJ Technologies Louisiana Secret Sauce and some information on the digital transformation themes of the conference.

Other ways included providing attendees with a List of Top 50 Digital Transformation Influencers and a bag of productivity tools (i.e. notepads, smartphone accessories and pens). The final bit of heat was an AAJ-developed service employing voice technology to interact at conferences.

Using Voice Technology to Interact: ‘Alexa, Am I Hot?’

AAJ created a smart speaker-based application using Alexa Skills for the inaugural Healthcare IT Expo. By asking ‘Alexa, am I hot?’ – and handing over a business card – everyone had the opportunity to win an Amazon Echo Show smart speaker device.

Thanks to all HITExpo attendees who interacted with Alexa at the Healthcare IT Expo. Read on and watch the videos to gain an appreciation of the value of voice-assisted technologies.

Angela Hemans Interacts with Alexa at the Inaugural HealthCare IT Expo

Angela Hemans, Personal Brand Strategist and Social Media Trainer, asked: So Alexa, am I hot?

Alexa responded: ‘Before I answer, here is a hot fact: you should check out AAJ’s 8th Annual Future of Healthcare Forum. It’s happening in November in Fort Lauderdale. Last year’s event was amazing and sold out. Ask someone at our booth about it.

Now let me answer your question. Are you hot? Hang on. I have contacted the New Orleans Fire Department. They are on the way to lower your hotness down to mere mortal levels. I can flatter you more if you like. Just hand us your business card and you can win an Alexa like me who can flatter you all the time from the privacy of your home or office. Thanks for playing.

Get to know Angela on Twitter where she shares as @AngelaHemans

Patient Activist Amanda Greene Questions Alexa About ‘Hotness’

The keynote speaker at the Healthcare IT Expo, patient activist Amanda Greene, also had an opportunity to ask, ‘Alexa, am I hot?’

Alexa responded: ‘Before I answer, here is a hot fact. AAJ has integrated systems and applications to literally every EHR, EMR, CRM and ERP system out there. Seriously thousands of projects, well hundreds. But maybe thousands. In any case lots and lots and lots of projects.

Now let me answer your question. Are you hot? Hang on a second. Let me put my sunglasses on. Bingo! Yes, now I can see just how hot you are. I can also see you are someone who wants to win an Alexa like me. Give us your business card and maybe you will. Thanks for playing.’

Join Amanda on Twitter where she shares as @LAlupusLady

The Patient Experience Panel at the Healthcare IT Expo

Another highlight of our participation at the Healthcare IT Expo was our CMO and VP of Strategy & Digital Solutions Murray Izenwasser participating on the Patient Experience Panel. The following topics were discussed:

  • What impact patient experiences can have on outcomes
  • What technologies really make a difference
  • How to integrate positive patient experiences into the design of systems/workflows

Learn more about the Patient Experience Panel and get access to some good information here.

More Information About the Inaugural Healthcare IT Expo

For more information about the inaugural Healthcare IT Expo, using voice technology as part of your digital transformation, and to sample AAJ’s Secret Sauce, check out the following and reach out to us here.

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Jim Gilbert

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