Alexa, tell me about the SFHHA 12th Annual Summit?

Jim Gilbert
June 25, 2018

AAJ Technologies Sponsors the SFHHA 12th Annual Summit, bringing the HEAT and the FUN to the event!

SFHHA 12th Annual Summit. Sam Jafri, Angelo Beacon and Murray Izenwasser show off the AAJ Technologies Secret Sauce SFHHA LogoOn June 13 and 14th The South Florida Hospital and Healthcare Association’s SFHHA 12th Annual Summit took place here in South Florida.  AAJ Technologies once again was a proud event sponsor.  And once again we brought the heat and the fun to another healthcare event.

We love a good industry event and the SFHHA 12th Annual Summit was as good and and informative as it gets.   They are a top provider of great information, community and education here in South Florida and we are very strong supporters of their organization.

Sometimes the conference experience for event attendees in general can feel a bit ubiquitous when moving around the the exhibitor booth area.  AAJ Technologies has adopted a philosophy of making it a fun and rewarding experience to visit our conference booth.  This is how we define our company and differentiate ourselves from just the typical IT outfit.

When you come to our booth at a conference, you are treated not just to visual sites, but to gastronomical tastes and a whole heaping of fun.

  • We manage our branding and trade shows like we do our business… everything we do must be extraordinary.  People come to our booth and we show off our technology and programming skills by using an Amazon Echo Alexa device to have a fun (see below video) Q&A contest.
  • We show off our branding and tell our story in an imaginative way… our main banner tells people that “we are the secret sauce, in their technologies secret sauce”.  While this is a statement, it is also a compelling question – one that brings out the curiosity in passersbys who invariably ask us “what does the secret sauce mean” – a major ice breaker in conference setting as we explain who has done business with us and why they should too.
  • And of course we back our story up with a takeaway gift that keeps on giving (and certainly does not get thrown away) our very own (and very hot) AAJ Technologies Secret Sauce.

Now that we have shared a bit of our own secret sauce, here is a pictorial and video recap of the SFHHA 12th Annual Summit:


Our intrepid reporters and Digital Transformation Consultants, Sam Jafri and Angelo Beacon had this to say about the event:

Angelo’s recap:

There was a great atmosphere with tons of information on different aspects of healthcare. AAJ’s secret sauce created a lot of buzz around the event and gave us a fun and reputation that brought people to our booth.  And, the ability to show off our Alexa skills really showed people the power technology could have in the future of healthcare, I think a lot of people appreciated the innovation that AAJ brought to the table.

Sam’s recap:

This was a well-put together & informative Healthcare industry summit that brought the South Florida community together.  We had a blast and shared many laughs showing off our custom AAJ Alexa voice skills. Everyone loved finding out if they were as “Hot” as AAJ’s Secret Sauce.  And, we also gained a new understanding on emergency management and preparedness in the Healthcare industry.

Our Secret Sauce went over so well that it made it to the breakfast buffet as a must try item

SFHHA 12th Annual Summit. Sam Jafri, Angelo Beacon and Murray Izenwasser show off the AAJ Technologies Secret Sauce

























The AAJ Technologies Secret Sauce caught in action at the SFHHA 12th Annual Summit


SFHHA 12th Annual Summit. Sam Jafri, Angelo Beacon and Murray Izenwasser show off the AAJ Technologies Secret Sauce



















The AAJ Team’s secret to success?  Its our Secret Sauce of course.  Learn more about how AAJ Technologies can be the secret technology sauce behind YOUR secret sauce.  Use the form below to contact us for a short discovery meeting.

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