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Jim Gilbert
July 10, 2018

Entrepreneurs creating a new startup face hard work, tough decisions and constant change on a daily basis. In addition to designing, developing and proving the value of their rapidly evolving product or service, those leading and working at startups must deal with wide range of important needs and issues as quickly, effectively and as cost efficiently as they can. In the past, obtaining information, advisory services and other resources for startups typically involved non-trivial expense and much delay. Cost and timely access to information and guidance are two major issues for startups – primarily because startups often lack the financial wherewithal, processes, in-house expertise and management maturity often associated with established corporate entities.

Some categories of valuable resources for startups and their entrepreneurial founders include:

  • Strategic Planning Considerations and Business Model Definition
  • Funding and Financial Planning Options
  • Administrative and Legal Aspects including Protection of Intellectual Property
  • Product Management and Product Marketing-related Programs
  • Assembling and Staffing Management, Development and Operational Teams
  • Building, Maintaining and Scaling Development, Testing and Operational Infrastructures
  • And a whole host of other matters

Easily Available Resources for Startups Unheard of Twenty Years Ago

Thankfully, today’s startup entrepreneurs have a resource that others did not have as recently as 20 years ago: a thriving source of content, advisory connections and pay-as-you-go business services. And the ability to leverage cost-effective external development and support resources like those offered by AAJ Technologies. Indeed, the combination of readily available information and reasonably priced external resources has changed the way startups operate in today’s rapidly evolving business environment.

Resources for Startups Must Be Relevant, Current, Cost-Effective & Proven

As a small contribution, we’d like to share a list of individuals and companies on Twitter offering potential value to today’s startup entrepreneurs and their ventures. The individuals and companies listed below all meet one or more of the following criteria:

Resources for Startups. Influencers and web sites. Information and advisory services. Relevant and helpful content. Relevant and Helpful. Current and Supported/Reviewed by Others. Created by Credible, Experienced Sources. Free of Bias. Graphical and Information Rich. Supported with references

  • Share relevant and helpful content on a frequent basis – meaning they share on a weekly if not daily basis
  • Are proven entrepreneurs in their own right
  • Not afraid to share charitable or harsh insight about products, services and content from others
  • Share words of advice, personal experiences and/or inspirational quotes
  • Have a relatively large numbers of followers

Popular Resources for Startups on Twitter

As part of AAJ Technologies continued unique focus on assisting startups plan, define, create, implement and grow their business in today’s rapidly transforming business environment, we’re pleased to share the following social media resources, web sites and blogs that can assist entrepreneurs with growing their startup organizations.

Advisory Services
Justin Wong @JustinWong
Ncrypted @ncrypted
Patrick Osinski @patosins
RocketSpace @rocketspace
Shauna Causey @ShaunaCausey
Startup Delta @startupdelta
Startups Tower @startupstowers
StartUs Insights @StartuScc
Steve Blank @sgblank
Tabitha Jean Naylor @SuccessStartup
David Skok @bostonvc
Dharmesh Shah @dharmesh
Gary Vaynerchuk @garyvee
Hiten Shah @hnshah
Ian Cleary @IanCleary
Jason Cohen @asmartbear
Jason Fried @jasonfried
Jeremy Goldman @jeremarketer
Joe Pulizzi @JoePulizzi
Neil Patel @neilpatel
Andrew Chen @andrewchen
Charlie O’Donnell @ceonyc
Chris Brogan @chrisbrogan
Florian Graillot @Fgraillot
Jay Baer @jaybaer
Kim Garst @kimgarst
Mark Suster @msuster
Martin Zwilling @startuppro
Seth Godin @ThisIsSethsBlog
Thomas Oppong @Alltopstartups
Media Organization
AlleyWatch @alleywatch
Killer Startups @killerstartups
Silicon Florist @siliconflorist
Startup Daily @startupdailyanz
Startup Digest @startupdigest
Startup Nation @StartupNation
Startups Be @StartUpsBe
Tech World News @TechworldNews
TechCrunch @Techcrunch
The Startup Magazine @thestartupmag
500 Startups @500Startups
Andreessen Horowitz @a16z
Happy Startup School @happystartups
Health Wildcatters @HWildCatters
National Venture Capital Association @NVCA
Our Crowd @ourcrowd
SBC Digital Health @sbcHealth
Start Up Boot Camp @Sbootcamp
Startup Direct @Startup_Direct
TechStars @techstars

Note: In addition to the screening noted above, these Twitter accounts have been vetted for so-called ‘fake followers.’ With the understanding that determining fake vs. real social media accounts is difficult and largely undefined, any account with more than 10% fake followers identified TwitterAudit have been excluded from the above list.

AAJ Technologies Offers Insight and Services for Today’s Entrepreneurial Startups

In a future post we’ll share a list of blogs and other web-based resources sharing startup-related information, insights and opinions. And members of the AAJ Team will be sharing additional insights. In the meantime, consider following @AAJTech on Twitter and connecting with AAJ Technologies on LinkedIn.

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Jim Gilbert

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Jim Gilbert is the Content Marketing Manager for AAJ Technologies. Jim is a 20 year digital marketing veteran, lecturer, author and former adjunct professor. He is also a 3 term past President of the Florida Direct Marketing Association. When not at AAJ, you can find him spending time with his family, biking around South Florida or enjoying some live music. You can reach Jim at: jim.gilbert@aajtech.com

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