Recapping the SUP-X Startup Conference (pictures, video, commentary)

Jim Gilbert
July 27, 2018

We believe strongly in follow up at AAJ Technologies.  Which is why we are creating this blog post recapping the SUP-X Startup Conference with pictures, video and commentary from our team.  AAJ as usual brought their A game to the event.

  • We showed off our Alexa skills programming with our “Alexa, Am I Hot?” Q&A at our booth.
  • We demonstrated our prowess at branding with our Secret Sauce imagery (and hot sauce giveaway, which everyone loved).
  • This was the official launch for our startup practice’s newly named, “Startup AAccelerator” which got a lot of attention as well.
  • And, our CEO Amjad Shamim led as the moderator: The Healthcare Innovation Panel with a lively and informative Q&A.


A short video of Alexa in action

The view of the event floor

Our superb team meeting and greeting folks at the event.  (for individual team member’s recaps see below)

Pictured left to right: Andrew Simkovsky, Sr. Director of Technology, Matt Reibel, Sr Manager of CRM, Amjad Shamim, CEO/Founder, Emily Simkovsky, Intern, Peter Elias, Digital Transformation Consultant, Sam Jafri, Digital Transformation Consultant, Mark Bernstein, Director of Marketing, and Angelo Beacon, Digital Transformation Consultant.

Recapping the SUP-X Startup Conference















Amjad Shamim, AAJ Technologies’ CEO and Founder moderates the Healthcare Innovation panel (watch this blog for pro shot video of the panel to come in the next few weeks.  We will also be providing a written transcript from the panel in the next few days)

Pictured: Amjad Shamim, AAJ Technologies’ CEO and Founder, Ed Dibeler, CIO, Automated Healthcare Solutions and ezVerify Mihai Fonoage, Vice President of Engineering, Modernizing Medicine, Satish Movva, CEO, CarePredict, Chris Patton, Vice President of Wellness Solutions, Peerfit














According to Matt Reibel, Sr Manager of CRM

  • Blockchain was a heavily discussed topic in most panels and presentations. Everyone was buzzing about how it is going to revolutionize many industries.  We’re only beginning to see the huge impact it will have on startups and business in general.
  • Regarding Amjad’s Healthcare Innovation panel.  The healthcare industry has historically been slow to adapt new technology for several reasons, but we’re seeing a shift as younger medical professionals and business professionals enter the space.  If adapted, technology such as wearables and imbedded chips are going to enable healthcare providers and insurance companies access to real-time data on their patients health status, and be able to recommend immediate solutions to improve their health and lifestyle, as well as reduce costs significantly.


According to Andrew Simkovsky, Sr. Director of Technology, and Startup Practice Lead for AAJ

  • I met lots of great startups and great founders. What impressed me most was that some founders were as young as college students.
  • The startup competition showed us the level of innovation and enthusiasm that South Florida entrepreneurs are showing.  It was great to see such passion!


According to Sam Jafri, Digital Transformation Consultant

  • SUP-X was awesome! It was my first time being in attendance. So many brilliant minds under one roof. We at AAJ were thrilled to be one of the sponsors this year. Our booth setup was so interactive and engaging, attendees were stopping by all day. From Alexa’s witty remarks and the curiosity of AAJ’s secret sauce, it was an all-around success for the team. We had great conversations with startups, investors and many others. It was exciting to see all the emerging technologies and solutions being developed while promoting AAJ’s services offerings to the startup community. Can’t wait for next year!
  • The HealthCare Innovation panel had my mind racing. What an informative discussion between a brilliant set of panelists, all innovators in the healthcare industry. I really enjoyed hearing their thoughts on the future of healthcare in the next 5 years. I’m sure it opened up the eyes to many others on the possibilities out there. The best takeaways, were all the advice and insights they provided to those in healthcare looking to digitally transform, provide better patient experiences and really disrupt the industry!


According to Mark Bernstein, AAJ’s Director of Marketing

  • This was a great event with many amazing startups with innovative concepts and talented people.  It was wonderful to see so many  angel investors and venture capital groups excited about all the opportunities to invest in South Florida startup companies.
  • I saw a great deal of enthusiasm and and some hand wringing anxiety during the startup competition This was a great deal and much to be nervous about with the winner taking home $25,000!


And finally our CEO Amjad Shamim weighed in with his initial thoughts on the Healthcare Innovation Panel he led:


  • The panelists that were chosen brought interesting and diverse perspectives. We had well established companies as panelists, as well as fast growing companies. All the companies genuinely wants to make a difference and improve quality of care and you could tell just how passionate they were about transforming healthcare for patients from how they reacted and answered the questions that were asked by myself and the audience.

Are you the founder of a startup?  Do you work for a startup?  Is your technology working for you or does it need improvement in order to go and grow faster? 

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Jim Gilbert

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