New Series: In case you missed it: 5 recent stories related to Healthcare, BlockChain, Voice, and AI

Murray Izenwasser
August 13, 2018

Murray Izenwasser, VP Strategy and Digital Solutions for AAJ TechnologiesEditors note: Welcome to our new series by Murray Izenwasser our CMO, VP Strategy & Digital Solutions.  Each week Murray will curate and provide you the most interesting, most informative and/or most read articles you need to know regarding Healthcare, BlockChain, Voice, and AI.  We hope you enjoy this new series.  If you would like to submit your article for consideration please use the form below.

In case you missed it: 5 recent stories related to Healthcare, BlockChain, Voice, and AI.


In this article, How Voice Technology Is Changing The Way We Work, from Forbes, nine Forbes Agency Council members discuss what the future of voice technology in the workplace looks like. These include changes like Improved Internal Information Sharing, Productivity, and Multitasking, freeing time from administrative duties, and having greater control over the work environment. Are you using voice in your workplace? If so, how?


Blockchain continues to be a much talked about topic, especially in Healthcare. In this article, a Hospital tech officer breaks down Blockchain for the layperson.

“Roger Smith, chief technology officer at Florida Hospital Nicholson Center, broke down how the technology works, what it could mean for the future of healthcare, and if the trendy technology is all that it’s cracked up to be.”


This article takes a bit of a deeper dive into a specific Blockchain solution for Healthcare, focusing on using the technology for a Patient- Provider Information Exchange. After a quick tech overview, the article discusses Blockchain and CMS Interoperability (a huge topic in and of itself in healthcare) via its MyHealthEData initiative and the Meaningful Use program. Of course, there are regulatory challenges and HIPAA requirements. Check it out at:


Alexa has dominated the Digital Voice Assistant market, with the Alexa Skills store now offering more than 45,000 skills created by third party developers, along with integration to many products, and services. But is Amazon looking to create an Alexa Smartphone to continue its domination? Or a bigger question should be: does it even need one?

“It’s been pretty amazing to see the smart speaker market go from “what is it” to “how many should I get” in just over three years. And Alexa has become the poster child (or, better yet, poster voice) for the early days of the voice-first movement.”


As our population continues to get older, Aging In Place is becoming a larger and larger topic for everyone across the healthcare spectrum.

Healthcare is improving with each passing year, allowing more aging patients to enjoy longer and healthier lives. Unlike in years past, though, this population isn’t necessarily limited to years of hospitals and assisted living homes. Driven by a desire for lower costs and increased independence, a broad range of new technologies are aiming to keep aging loved ones healthy in the comfort of their own homes.

This in-depth article explores Voice Technologies’ conversational interfaces making it much easier for seniors to understand and navigate digital technologies. It’s a bit of a long read, but well worth it.


Let me know in the comments below what articles you are finding useful as you navigate your day.


Voice Assistants in Healthcare – Recapping Voice is the New Experience Presentation by Murray Izenwasser at Pharma CX

Video: Dr. Jacques Orces on Telemedicine Present and Future



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