AAJ Startups Roadblocks: 5 Common Technology Roadblocks Startups Face

Jim Gilbert
August 23, 2018

Editor’s note: Welcome to our new Startups Roadblocks series from AAJ Technologies. As a company that builds the technology behind many startups and other successful companies, we strive to give back to the community at large as often as we can.  We wish your startup much success.  

UPDATE: For the second and final post of this series click here.

AAJ Startups Roadblocks:

5 Common Technology Roadblocks Startups Face


Successfully launching and running a startup can be challenging. Many unforeseen roadblocks may get in the way.  In the next three weeks, we’ll share 5 common technology roadblocks startups face and how you can avoid them.

Roadblock # 1 – Hiring a technology team that doesn’t have the right skillsets

Startup founders have a great entrepreneurial mindset and vision. But they don’t always have the technology background or experience to help them hire the right people. Many don’t have the time to become well versed in the latest trends and best technology tools available – especially tools that are “next generation”.

When interviewing candidates for a technology related position, this lack of experience and knowledge can result in hiring the wrong people. And hiring the wrong team can slow growth, create astronomical unbudgeted costs, and negatively affect your startups morale and culture.

Most startups simply can’t afford to hit this roadblock.

Solution: Partnering with a company that has a technology team available to quickly digest and understand the key objectives of your company.

The team uses their experience and knowledge from working with other startups to implement the best technology for your needs, that’s within your budget. This is key in helping guide your startup on the path to success.

Solutions like AAJ Technologies AAccelerator® Framework can help startups by providing the team needed.

Next week we’ll share another technology roadblock with you that startups often face, but here’s a thought to ponder before then: Do you know what is the one thing about your company that will make you succeed beyond your competitors? UPDATE: For the second and final post of this series click here.

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