5 Common Roadblocks Startups Face – Part 2

Jim Gilbert
August 30, 2018

Editor’s note: This is the second and final article in the AAJ Technologies 5 Common Roadblocks Startups Face series.  For part one of the series use this link.

Roadblock # 2 – Not Knowing what your true Unique Selling Proposition is  

Many startups have failed because they talk too much about the technology behind their concept. They don’t communicate what the true value proposition of their startup is.  

Solution: Most customers and investors don’t care about the technology, they simply want to know what benefits your product or service provides. You need to get out of an “elevator pitch mode” and into a product mindset. 

AAJ Technologies’ Senior Director of Technology, Andrew Simkovsky shares some insights about this in his article,  The Technology is Not Your Startup.

Roadblock # 3 – Choosing the Wrong Technology 

Startups often think about the immediate impact the technology they choose is going to have on their product or service without thinking about how it can adapt to their growth and scalability over time.  

Choosing the wrong technology can strongly hinder the growth of a startup. 

Solution: Think long term and choose technology that is flexible and can grow along with your startup. Know what questions to ask technology vendors. With over 20 years of experience, AAJ Technologies knows what solutions best meet the needs of startups and can grow with them as their needs change. 

Roadblock # 4 – Getting Hacked 

This happens far too often – a startup not taking security and privacy seriously and leaving themselves open to be hacked or compromised from within. Customer data and confidential information falling into the wrong hands can lead to a loss of confidence from your investors and customers, catastrophic financial loses and worse. 

Solution: It’s important to know about the latest technology and services available to keep your data secure. You also need to keep up with consumer data privacy laws to ensure you are in compliance and don’t get into legal hot water. 

Roadblock # 5 –  Partnering with an inexperienced IT services company 

You understand the benefits of utilizing an IT services company to help your startup with its technology needs – great! However, you decide to go with a company that has very little history and credibility… not so great. You end up with a company that doesn’t know what they are doing and this causes you to have setbacks, unbudgeted costs and headaches. You didn’t do your due diligence and hire a company with a long history of success and list of successful clients. 

Solution: When searching for an IT services company, look at how many years of experience they have, who their current and past clients are, and if they have credible, educational content on their website and social media pages. This will help you choose a partner that has the know-how to support your immediate needs while growing with future demands. 

In addition to these five technology roadblocks, bringing innovative, first of its kind solutions and products to the marketplace leads to many unknowns you will inevitably face.

Partnering with the right team with a long history such as AAJ Technologies can vastly increase the chances of your success. 

Reach out to our Senior Director of Technology, Andrew Simkovsky, to learn how AAJ Technologies can help you avoid technology roadblocks. Call him at 954-689-3984 Ext 111, email him at andrew.simkovsky@aajtech.com, or simply schedule a meeting with him by clicking here. 

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