AAJ Technologies VP, Murray Izenwasser Interview by Forrester Research at the Connected Health Conference

Jim Gilbert
October 22, 2018

AAJ Technologies VP, Murray Izenwasser Interviewed by Forrester Research at the Connected Health Conference

At the Connected Health Conference in Boston on October 19, 2018, AAJ Technologies VP of Strategy and Digital Solutions was interviewed by Forrester Research’s Health Reporter, Jeff Becker.

Please note this is a raw iPhone video of the interview. A pro shot version will appear on the Forrester Research Healthcare Blog soon.

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JEFF BECKER: “Hi there. My name is Jeff Becker from Forrester Research.

We are the Connected Health Conference this week in Boston, and I am with Murray Izenwasser with AAJ Technologies, and Murray has agreed to take some time to talk us through the services that his organization is bringing to both patients and enterprise organizations. So, Murray, could you tell us more about what AAJ Technologies is up to?”

MURRAY IZENWASSER: “Yeah, sure. So, AAJ, we are a patient experience and digital technology services organization. And what I mean by that is that we work across the full development life-cycle with our clients, helping them implement technology digitally-based applications and solutions to the problems that they have.  We have about 300 people, and the core of that is about 50 people that are focused on doing integration. So, we understand how to do integration across every EHR, EMR, ERP, or CRM or every other three letter acronym that you can come up with. We have been doing this for over 20 years.

An example of the type of work that we do is, one of our clients, who is a large provider network for a large country had an issue where patients who were seeing an HCP and need to see a specialist, were not necessarily going or making an appointment to see the specialist. Or, if the appointment was made, they weren’t actually showing up.

So, we have created, as part of a larger effort, an application that when the patient was actually seeing the HCP, the HCP was able to get onto the application and see if the specialist was available, right then and there, to come and see them in the facility. And, if it wasn’t emergent and they were not available, they were able to get into the specialist’s calendar directly and create and appointment with the patient as part of the transaction where all notifications to all of the parties happened. All of these underlying systems were updated automatically once that happened.

What we saw was a dramatic increase in the patient actually showing up for the specialist visits. So, what did that do? That made it so that the patient actually got the care they needed. They didn’t show up 30 days later, for instance in the ER with some sort of acute condition from not seeing the specialist

We have improved outcomes dramatically for patients that needed to see a specialist. And those are the important things. But, underlying that, what we did for the provider network was we kept that revenue inside the provider network to help them provide better care. We reduced the cost of paperwork, of actually making that transaction and entire process happen.  So, that’s the type of work that we do. We approach things from a very solution-based perspective and providing solutions to problems using digital and using technology.”

JEFF: “So, the majority of work that you are doing is one-off system configuration by addressing specific problems for enterprise healthcare organizations?”

MURRAY: “Correct, that is a lot of what we do. We work across the healthcare spectrum. We work with providers and payers, and pharma, medical devices, life sciences. And also, a lot of our work is with organizations that you’d find here at the conference that provide technologies and platforms to the industry. Where we are actually, what we call, the “secret sauce” in their secret sauce, where, we provide the development efforts/development teams for the platforms that they are providing.

JEFF: “Interesting! So, you heard it here! AAJ Technologies, they are using technology optimization and digital transformation to really improve business outcomes for their organizations, increasing referral network management, and improving clinical outcomes for their patients.

Thank you for speaking with me, Murray.”

MURRAY: “I appreciate it, thank you so much.”

Jim Gilbert

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