Finding Quick Wins By Creating Remarkable Patient Experiences: Webinar and Presentation Slides

Jim Gilbert
November 9, 2018

Finding Quick Wins By Creating Remarkable Patient Experiences: Webinar and Presentation Slides

Our latest webinar at AAJ Technologies was an enormous success. Initial survey results are in and the ratings are fantastic. The following are the slides from the webinar and the recording of the presentation.

Here is recording of the webinar:

BONUS: Here are the slides from the presentation:

(note, if you have trouble viewing the slides on this page, click here to view on Slideshare.net)

Stay tuned to the AAJ Insights blog for a full recap and additional materials from the presenters to come soon.

Host: Murray Izenwasser, VP of Strategy and Digital Solutions for AAJ Technologies

Speaker: Colin Hung, well known national healthcare industry speaker and blogger for healthcarescene.com

About the Patient Experience Webinar:

Healthcare budgets are shrinking, and everyone is expected to do more with less. Clinical departments and IT are both feeling the pinch. In this tight environment, it’s more important than ever to demonstrate that your technology initiatives will result in quick wins for the organization.

One of the best ways to get your project off the ground or maintain support for it is to show how it will impact patient experience. Why? Because improving patient experience has benefits for everyone. Patients benefit from better service and improved outcomes. Clinicians benefit from improved workflows and less stress.

Your organization benefits financially and will have an even stronger reputation in the community you serve. Improving patient experience is a rare win-win-win.

In this webinar, attendees learned how to:

– Identify the positive impact that IT-related projects can have on patient experience

– Assess existing technology related projects in your department that are good candidates to show quick wins to clinical and executive leaders

– Construct a high-level patient experience impact assessment scorecard

About the presenter:

Webinar Video and PPT: Finding Quick Wins By Creating Remarkable Customer Experiences Our latest webinar at AAJ Technologies today was an enormous success.  Initial survey results are in and the ratings are fantastic.  The following is the PowerPoint from the webinar and also the video of the presentation of the live event. First, here is the the powerpoint deckColin Hung is a true believer in HealthIT and is passionate about using technology to improve healthcare. Over the last decade, he has helped numerous companies build and market solutions that improve patient safety, patient-provider communications and overall patient experience. Colin is very active on social media. Colin co-founded one of the most popular healthcare communities on Twitter, which brings together patients, clinicians, administrators, and government leaders. Colin has been selected as a HIMSS Social Media Ambassador three times and is recognized as one of the top HealthIT Social Media Influencers. His work has been published in the Journal of the American College of Radiology, HospitalEMRandEHR.com and Healthcare Scene.

Recently Colin Hung wrote this guest blog post for AAJ Technologies.

About AAJ Technologies: At AAJ we are Passionate about Making Digital Great for our Clients through a relentless focus on their Customer Experience (CX) that drives Engagement and Measurable Business Impact.

We help Design Digital for Pioneers by leveraging Design Thinking and an Agile approach and we Deliver Digital for Leaders utilizing our Digital Building Blocks:

– Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA)

– Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

– Internet of Things (IoT)

– Digital Innovation Lab and Ideation (DigiLab)

Combined with our unique and trend setting – not following – Industry-CX-Lens we are building the digital solutions of the future with our clients who are digitally re-imagining their Industries. Reach us at www.aajtech.com

Jim Gilbert

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Jim Gilbert is the Content Marketing Manager for AAJ Technologies. Jim is a 20 year digital marketing veteran, lecturer, author and former adjunct professor. He is also a 3 term past President of the Florida Direct Marketing Association. When not at AAJ, you can find him spending time with his family, biking around South Florida or enjoying some live music. You can reach Jim at: jim.gilbert@aajtech.com

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