Enhancing Patient Experience Via Technology Webinar: Follow Up Info and Links From The Presenters

Jim Gilbert
November 16, 2018

The latest webinar from AAJ Technologies focused on providing actionable information about enhancing patient experience via technology.  The webinar, entitled Finding Quick Wins By Creating Remarkable Patient Experiences, was presented by Colin Hung from Healthcare Scene, and hosted by Murray Izenwasser, VP Strategy and Digital Solutions for AAJ Technologies.

During the webinar Colin had mentioned some additional information he would provide to the attendees. What follows is the information and article links he provided AAJ to share with you, plus his top takeaways – the most important learnings he felt were key for enhancing patient experience for hospitals and provider organizations to know. We also asked Murray to provide his perspective from his role as a strategy executive in a digital technology solutions company that focused on enhancing patient experience.

NOTE: If you missed the webinar, you can view it here.


Colin’s Key Webinar Takeaways:
  • For both IT and clinical leaders, there are too many projects than resources/time available. You have to prioritize. Using patient experience as a deciding factor can be very effective.

Remember that IT projects have both DIRECT and INDIRECT impact on patient experience. Don’t forget the latter.

  • Develop a consistent scorecard/methodology for evaluating Health IT projects and use it determine relative priorities of project.

Healthcare IT, Patient Experience Reference materials:

  • The Beryl Institute describes their mission as “Changing healthcare by advancing an unwavering commitment to the human experience.”  On this site you will find many resources, from videos to case studies to blogs, you can review to enhance patient experience.
  • In one of the webinar’s follow up questions Colin was asked if there is a framework for how IT moves forward on patient experience projects.  This is a link to an abstract for “Measuring and improving patient safety through health information technology: The Health IT Safety Framework” from BMJ Journals who publish high-quality content for researchers, clinicians and healthcare professionals.
  • Another link Colin promised during the webinar was this health IT evaluation tool kit. It provides step-by-step guidance for project teams who are developing evaluation plans for their health information technology (health IT) projects.


  • IT shouldn’t shy away from being strategic – and pushing through Patient Experience initiatives.
  • Patient experience initiative can start either on the business side, or the IT side, but to be most successful it needs to be a true partnership between the two.

Per Murray, The most successful Patient Experience initiatives are those that have looked beyond the initiative, and have an idea of how the information that the project will give can be used to both continuously improve the patient experience, and also help make other patient experience and organizational decisions.


For over 20 years AAJ Technologies has specialized in helping hospitals, providers and payers execute on next generation technologies that enhance patient experience.  From RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and IA, (Intelligent Automation) to EMR/EHR enhancements, systems integration and software and application development, a short discovery meeting with the AAJ team can help you solve current patient experience challenges, AND/OR take your initiatives to the next level.  That’s why we have long standing business relationships with organizations such as Broward Health, VITAS, Mercy Health, and Miami/Nicklaus Children’s Hospital (to name a few).


View a partial roster of our clients here.

View case studies from: Automated Healthcare SolutionsBroward HealthMiami Children’s HospitalSoutheast Health, and Mercy Hospital.

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