AAJ Technologies EmPower On-Demand Platform Accelerator

Allows organizations to create dynamic models that change the way business is done!

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Why use Empower On-Demand Platform Accelerator from AAJ Technologies?

  • Jumpstart project planning!

  • Reduce development cycle time!

  • Lower project risk barriers!

  • Improve your business applications!

What would your business look like if it was run on a modern framework that allows for TRUE digital transformation?

Developing modern software to run your business can be costly and time-consuming. AAJ Technologies has created a new solution accelerator called EmPowerTM, for rapidly developing Uber-like On-Demand platforms that will reduce implementation time while allowing you to create a more automated, streamlined and enhanced customer experience. In short, we have taken digital transformation to the next level. Introducing EmPowerTM On-Demand Platform Accelerator from AAJ Technologies. EmPowerTM is a technology framework that allows for accelerated deployment time within your organization. The customizable architecture allows you to digitally transform your business. AAJ’s development team has already baked in most, if not all, the features you will need to run your business and take it to the next level.

An on-demand customer experience platform that impacts your entire organization… Ways EmPowerTM can make the difference in your business.

  • Total versatility – mobile web-based solution to fit all operating styles within your company/customer ecosystem.
  • Release yourself from many of the operational burdens your company now faces by tracking and reporting on every facet of your business.
  • A fully customizable dashboard provides actionable business intelligence in real time.
  • Reduce operating costs by automating many functions within your company.
  • Solve many of the human errors that occur as the platform does much of your customer-facing “heavy lifting” for you.
  • Its cloud-based architecture is secure and offers unlimited growth and scalability.

Our goal for every AAJ client is simple: Help acquire and retain your customers, increase efficiencies, reduce costs… more revenue goes to your bottom line.

The end result of our work together:

On the business side: Increased revenue and higher margins, a more efficient operation that relies less on human interactions, fewer mistakes, reduced operating expenses, better scheduling, reporting, seamless billing, and accounting.

On the customer side: Better interactions between clients and service providers, positive reviews on social media, with social proof leading to increased peer to peer recommendations. Growth is enhanced via positive experiences.

The App Can Be Completely customized To Your Business or Industries Needs.

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Functionality Matrix Sample

Web and mobile-based (additional features can be added a custom basis)

Service Provider Sign-up Demographics Experience Skills Services Rate / Fees Availability Contacts
References Ratings and reviews Document Management eSignature Work Preferences Notification Preferences Payment preferences
Client Sign-up Demographics Contacts Multi-Insurance Support Disaster plan Document Management eSignature Service Agreements
Multi-Payments Set up Flex / Permanent Services Appointment Calendar Notification Preferences
Service Request Management Multi-Service Selection Multi-shift Scheduling Alternative Service Address Preferred Billing Rates Service Fees
Provider Matching Services Schedule Location Preferences/td> Ratings Cost Experience
Bidding/Service Procurement Company Managed or Self Managed Selections One-Many Matches Multi-level Negotiation Configurable Mark- ups Bidding/Offer History Secure Messaging
Financial Multi-Billing Self / Insurance Support Discount / Markup Support AR/AP Support External ERP Support BI Reporting / Dashboards Payroll Support
Call Center Support Service Provider Scheduling Client Scheduling Match Making Bid Management Notifications
Dashboards Financials Capacity Recruitment Alerts Service Provider & Client Status Reviews & Ratings System alerts
Review / Ratings Setup Client / Service Provider Reviews Client / Service Provider Ratings Do Not Send Support
Document Management eSignature Support Legal Contracts Certifications ds Management Work Authorizations I9, W4, etc.
Administration & Setup User Management Role Based Security Password Management Service Provider Management Alerts & Notifications Fee / Rates Management Configure scheduled jobs
Third Party Management Configurable Lookups Billing Configuration Configurable Discounts / Bonus Permission Management Reports Management Configurable Dashboards

Just a few of the features available to you within EmpowerTM On-Demand Platform Accelerator

The result goes right to your bottom line…

  • Streamlined operations!
  • Cost reductions.
  • Less waste!
  • Less human error!
  • Better view of business!
  • Growth! Scalability! Security!
  • Versatile. Users can use the mobile app or website interface.
  • The customizable dashboard allows for review, analysis, and management of programs in real time.
  • Enhance customer engagements.
  • From Invoicing to accounting to reporting, all your operations streamlined in one place.
  • Tracks scheduling (including schedule conflicts), and allows for changes and updates to be made without the need for a call center.
  • Tracks every step of the customer process.
  • Reduces the need for human intervention in all processes. Increases speed, accuracy in billing, operations, etc.
  • Secure and scalable. The cloud-based architecture allows for unlimited users and unlimited growth while remaining secure and safe.

For an Empower On-Demand Platform Demonstration, contact us today 954-357-0652 or use the form below

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