About AAJ

About AAJ

Helping Companies Capitalize on Technology for More Than 20 Years.

With the rapid change in technology – both at the consumer and enterprise levels – it’s hard to keep up with changing customer demands, let alone know which tech is here to stay and what will be obsolete before it hits the shelves. That’s where AAJ comes in. Through our deep technical expertise and unique approach, we’ve helped many companies just like yours find new ways to engage with customers, drive satisfaction through innovation, and build both revenue and market share by embracing solutions that set companies apart from the competition.

Philosophy / Agile Methodology

Development is never really finished, and that’s a good thing. At AAJ, we put you on a path to rapid digital customer engagement by building the most critical components of your project first. Then, through an iterative process, we build on the momentum of your solution by adding the features your customers need, want and request, while continually fine-tuning what is already in place. This agile development method allows you to quickly capitalize on technology without coding your company into a corner. There’s always room for expansion, improvements and adaptations that keep you ahead of the flow of consumer trends and emerging technology.

The team

Behind the scenes at AAJ there are people, of course, but you may be surprised by your AAJ team. We set a high standard for experience, knowledge and education. And when it comes to technology, our solutions architects, developers, business intelligence specialists, cloud experts and data scientists have either done it, seen it, or studied it. Your AAJ team is dedicated to keeping ahead of the technology curve so that your solution is built with the best methods on top of architectures that support immediate customer needs while growing with future demands.

Amjad Shamim

CEO and Managing Partner

Asad Shamim


Ed Kirchmier

Vice President, Global Solutions Delivery

Colleen Taylor

Vice President, Operations

Nadeem Akhter

Vice President, Integration

Jorge Agnese

Vice President, Nearshore and Outsourcing Solutions

Murray Izenwasser

Vice President, Digital Transformation and CMO

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