AAJ Helps Alternative Home Health Care Improve Patient Care Through Technology

Alternative Home Health Care, which provides in-home health care services, was hampered by its legacy workflow. Their call center-based model inflated personnel costs and created an unnecessary disconnect between caregivers and clients. The system relied on paper records, which led to billing inaccuracies and wasted time. AAJ’s solution transformed Alternative Home Health Care with a sleek, custom application that streamlines the processes for both caregivers and clients. From intake to invoice, both groups of users are empowered to connect and schedule care without any involvement from call center employees.

AAJ also created an end-to-end enterprise system that tracks every step of the customer process. The solution seamlessly integrates payroll and accounting, including invoicing and caregiver payments. Finally, a web-based portal enables call center employees to monitor and troubleshoot accounts, and the integrated management dashboard provides analytics on system-wide operations for continued system improvements.

Alternative Home Health Care is a home-healthcare service provider serving Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach Counties in Florida. Their agency-based model pairs clients with qualified caregivers who provide a range of in-home care services, from companionship to medical services to personal care tasks, such as light housekeeping and meal preparation.


  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • 2014 (64 Bit)
  • IIS Server onv
  • Windows 2012 Server
  • Xamarin for iOS and Android
  • Azure Backup Vault


  • Develop a custom mobile application and a web-based portal
  • Create enterprise system with end-to-end workflow management
  • Implement dashboard for easier management
  • Provide post-implementation support


  • Greatly reduced operational costs by reducing required call center interaction
  • Scalable model allows for rapid company expansion
  • Highly accurate tracking and billing reduces errors and improves data security
  • Streamlined scheduling improves outcomes for caregivers and patients

As the baby boomer generation continues place ever-increasing demands on health care resources, home health care is gaining in popularity. With digital transformation, health care companies are able to provide efficient, effective apps that enable patients and family members to connect with health providers, shop for quality care at an affordable price, and secure in-home appointments. For seniors who have limited mobility or who lack transportation, digitally connected medical and assisted living providers offer a new level of quality of life.

However, moving off of legacy systems and onto modern, digital platforms is challenging for medical providers whose primary focus is on patient care – not IT. Data migration, server upgrades, and app development require focused resources and a team who understands the complex nature of medical records, regulatory compliance, app development, and technology trends.

It Takes Commitment
Alternative Home Health Care is committed to improving the lives of patients who require in-home medical assistance. This Florida-based company networks clients with qualified caregivers, increasing their in-home care choices. But the complex process of sourcing home caregivers, matching them with clients, and scheduling care was being hampered by an inefficient legacy system. Call center employees were required to assist clients and caregivers with each step from sign-up to invoicing. This process was both time consuming and frustrating, made scheduling changes difficult, and caused billing inaccuracies. This personnel-heavy model also made it difficult for Alternative Home Health Care to meet increasing demand.

Putting the Power in Patients’ Hands
Alternative Home Health Care was an ideal candidate for a digital transformation. AAJ created a custom mobile application that puts the control back into the hands of partners on both sides of the home health care model. Caregivers and patients can now move easily through every step of the process, including registration, finding the right provider to meet patient needs, presentation of caregiver pricing/quotes and scheduling/re-scheduling. A new web portal for call center employees ties into the provider and patient system, allowing for active case management and problem resolution, and a comprehensive, enterprise-scale data center solution has enhanced and streamlined Alternative Home Health Care’s operations from intake to invoice.

More than Just an App – a Game Changer
AHHC’s revolutionary app brought caregivers and patients closer together than ever before by providing the ability to:

  • Register online
  • Create profiles to specify and manage ongoing patient needs
  • Search for and engage with clients whose profiles match caregiver skills
  • Track schedules and notify providers and patients of scheduling conflicts
  • Schedule changes without call center assistance
  • Easily scale to handle rapid company growth
  • Produce accurate invoices due to less potential for human error

Alternative Home Health Care’s new app removes the barriers between clients and
caregivers, and gives both sides control over their own schedules. Alternative Home Health Care employees can focus on more important tasks, and the web portal enables them to step in to help at any time. The system reduces the potential for human error in billing, eliminates paper waste, and increases data security for both patients and providers. Between the ease of use for everyone involved and the scalability of the system, Alternative Home Health Care’s digital transformation set them up to be a technology innovation leader in their region.

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