Digital Transformation Solution Saves Bluegreen Vacations $1M per Month

Because Bluegreen Vacations had eight different systems to track potential customer data, they often had duplicate or skipped records when they exported the data for marketing use. This resulted in inefficient marketing campaigns targeting the same person more than once and/or skipping real prospects. AAJ’s task was to develop a system to gather, consolidate and verify customer data in one place so every record would be complete and unique.

Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc. is a private vacation ownership company that manages the Bluegreen Vacation Club. This deeded vacation ownership program includes more than 60 resorts in 40 destinations across the continental United States and the Caribbean and serves more than 195,000 owners.


  • IBM Cast Iron
  • Aprimo/AMSOD
  • Experian
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Visual Studio


  • Complete design of integrated solution
  • Custom CRM construction
  • Integration and consolidation of current systems into one platform


  • $1 million per month in ROI
  • Drastically increased efficiency
  • Created a more effective marketing strategy
  • Eliminated duplicate records
  • Regained lost leads
  • Converting more leads into opportunities

Taking Control of Lead Management
Private vacation ownership companies rely on their customer information databases to generate leads and provide marketing insight. With many remote offices and a highly dispersed workforce, private vacation industry companies need a way to consolidate data across the enterprise. When a tour for a prospect can cost hundreds of dollars, it’s vital to have up-to-date and accurate data so that employees can target the most promising prospects correctly and avoid unnecessary expenditures.

Capitalizing on Every Opportunity
Bluegreen Vacations, a timeshare company with over 60 resorts, based in Boca Raton, FL, was using eight separate internal and external systems to track different types of customer information. While they were able to import and export data from these systems, it was challenging to merge records or detect duplicates. In many instances, records were skipped. The result? The same leads could be targeted more than once, and money, time and energy was spent on nurturing unqualified leads. Or worse yet, leads would fall between the cracks, resulting in lost opportunities.

Bluegreen Vacations needed a way to consolidate each lead’s information so it could reclaim the millions of dollars and thousands of hours wasted on ineffective marketing.

Centralized, Streamlined and Effective
The goal of this initiative was to create a solution that integrated Bluegreen’s existing CRM system with other core systems, including its Aprimo Marketing Studio on Demand (AMSOD) tool used to automate marketing efforts. By more effectively integrating the disparate systems, marketers could go to one place to get all the information they needed to keep their campaigns targeted and focused. However, a solution of this nature could not just be something off the shelf. Instead, AAJ had to design and build the solution from the ground up to capture data from all sources, then standardize the resulting record set to be functional.

The single, centralized system was named iMarketing and it automated processes by extracting and standardizing data. The new system forced all data to be checked and verified upon being added to CRM. Errors were caught and duplicate entries were merged, ensuring that each entry was accurate and unique.

iMarketing simplified the lead identification and nurturing process significantly. When it was time to market to a lead, it was easy for Bluegreen Vacations’ representatives to go straight to that prospect’s record. All the information about the potential customer was stored in one place and standardized so they could have confidence that it was correct and complete. Campaigns could be generated quickly, targeting potential customers in the most
effective way possible.

Multi-Million Dollar Outcomes
iMarketing has become the heart of Bluegreen Vacations’ marketing department operations. Because there’s a comprehensive database of unique records, marketing time and dollars can be spent effectively on the most promising leads. Leads that were previously falling off the sales cycle because they were skipped are now being followed up, and wasted efforts due to marketing to the same lead more than once have been eliminated.

In addition to the obvious increase in efficiency, all that streamlining has had an enormous result on Bluegreen’s marketing efforts. By cutting down on wasted efforts and funds, it’s estimated that their digital transformation with their new iMarketing system generates an ROI of $1 million per month.

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