Healthcare System Eliminates Paper, Improves Processes and Increases Revenues with Digital Transformation

Broward Health wanted to part ways with all legacy communications. The application they desired needed to function as a social network for physicians to contact each other to make patient referrals or schedule surgeries. Broward Health engaged AAJ Technologies to create the Physicians Direct mobile application that would enable positive change.

Broward Health, a nationally-recognized organization, is one of the ten largest public healthcare systems in the U.S. It’s comprised of six hospitals and more than 30 healthcare facilities serving the South Florida region.



  • Xamarin IOS
  • C#
  • Visual Studio
  • Xamarin Android


  • On-site support
  • User activity guide
  • Optimized user interface


  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Streamlined physician communications for optimal patient care
  • Eliminated paper trail
  • Increased revenues through more frequent referrals

Digital transformation has become the talk of healthcare industry IT. And while it’s proven that updated IT systems provide many benefits to both physicians and patients, the process of transforming to a secure, stable digital practice can take time and attention away from the patient-practitioner relationship. Moving toward digital IT for a healthcare practice becomes a balancing act of offering excellent customer care both online and in the office.

The Price of Lagging Behind
With over 2,000 employees on payroll, Broward Health’s dependence on paper-based communications was causing a massive gap in their operational efficiency. The lack of a centralized access point created several issues for physicians in particular. In order to make a patient referral or schedule a surgery, physicians would have to set aside several hours to ensure the job got done correctly.

Broward Health could not afford having their physicians preoccupied with paperwork and phone calls rather than attending to patients. And Broward’s physicians wanted to spend more time where they were truly needed: tending to patient care. They needed a solution — fast – before competing health groups with modern systems could capitalize on Broward’s inability to react to patient needs.

The End of Paperwork
Broward Health selected AAJ from more than a dozen different companies to develop the
mobile enterprise application named “Physicians Direct.” With a full-page view of every physician’s profile at Broward Health and an adjustable filter for search options, the application single-handedly eliminated all paperwork.

Through Physicians Direct, any physician who created a profile could update their location daily, refer patients to other physicians, email other physicians or employees, schedule surgeries, and contact the IT team for support. The mobile application even included a detailed map that detected the precise location of where each physician was located. Functionality came to life by integrating the application with an existing REST API on the backend and utilizing a third-party cloud-based SMS system.

Optimized with Patient Care in Mind
With Broward Health having over 30 facilities, Physicians Direct was specifically designed to connect physicians on a network they could access anywhere, anytime. With user optimization in mind, AAJ designed the application to function as a social network as well. The application included:

1. A built-in messenger that allowed physicians to stay connected anywhere, anytime
2. A detailed, page-to-page view of all physicians
3. Notifications that alerted physicians of patient referrals, surgeries and location changes
4. The ability to contact the IT team for support

Although the solution was designed to be easy-to-use, AAJ still provided weeks of on-site support to show the IT team at Broward Health the ins and outs of the application. Since the implementation of the mobile application, physicians have been spending less time filling out forms and more time attending to their main job — patient care.

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