MyMercy Application Consolidates Patient Records to Reduce Errors and Save Time


Mercy, the 7th largest Catholic hospital system in the US, includes 46 acute care and specialty hospitals, more than 700 physician practices and outpatient facilities, over 40,000 employees, and 2,000 clinical physicians. They operate in Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.


• Java 7

• Spring (Core, Data, Security, MVC)


• Hiberante

• Oracle DBMS

• Maven

• Junit+Mockito+PowerMock


• AngularJs

• jQuery


• CSS3

• Bootstrap

• Jenkins

• Ranorex (Automation)

• Apache Tomcat

• Apache HTTP

• Grunt


• Nearshore Outsourcing of the “Right Fit” team

• Custom Application Development

• Training Development and Delivery

• Business Software Installation

• IT Implementation Management

• Post-Implementation Support


• A vastly improved patient experience for Mercy patients

• Patient records consolidated in one place

• Secure, user-friendly access to patient records

• Improved ease of administration

• Simplified troubleshooting of problems with patient records and accounts

• Faster, more efficient system maintenance and updates

The AAJ Challenge:

Healthcare patient records are notoriously difficult to keep organized, especially when you have a large healthcare system like Mercy, based out of St. Louis, MO. This system includes 46 acute care and specialty hospitals as well as 700+ physician practices and outpatient facilities across Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. The breadth of their network meant that patient information was often scattered amongst providers and even across different states. Because patient records information had to be accessed and administered from entirely separate system interfaces, the process was often tedious and prone to errors.

Mercy needed one system that would consolidate patient data and present it in a uniform, easy-to-understand way. That system would also need to comply with all government regulations concerning healthcare records, and it would require the highest level of security.

An additional complication was the need to account for several different sets of end users: healthcare providers, administrators, and patients. The system would have to be easy to use and maintain for everyone.

The AAJ Solution:

After an exhaustive search for talent in the local market, Mercy contracted AAJ Technologies to establish a long-term, high-value team of software and quality assurance engineers and architects in AAJ’s Nearshore Development Center. The team was onboarded quickly and sprang into action.

The AAJ team’s first objective was to complete a comprehensive review of the current system and the needs of end users. This gave them the information they needed to architect a patient records system that would allow easy access to consolidated records.

The system designed by the team was comprised of two distinct applications. MyMercy, for patients and healthcare providers, was written with ease of use and rapid response in mind. The online service allows users to connect with their care team and manage their health records at any time of the day or night. MyMercy was designed to work seamlessly with home computers, tablets, and smartphones to provide the most comprehensive user experience possible.

MyMercy App development, AAJ Technologies

Figure 1: MyMercy can be accessed on all types of devices, including mobile phones. Users can access healthcare information and perform updates anywhere, anytime.

The second application, MyMercy Administration, was specifically designed for administrators who would need to perform regular updates and deal with any problems that came up with patient accounts. MyMercy Administration also includes another useful feature: custom branding. This means that administrators of different facilities can use a simple configuration wizard to create an individual site with local branding intact.


The MyMercy apps that AAJ Technologies created, offers the following benefits to patients and healthcare providers:

• Patients and providers can connect online allowing for a better patient experience and enhanced level of care

• Patients can make an e-visit when an office visit is not possible

• Lab and test results, and as well as medical records, can be reviewed online

• Medications and refill prescriptions could be managed more easily

• Medical bills can be paid online

MyMercy Administrator vastly simplifies troubleshooting for administrators. Using this tool, they can quickly determine the cause of a problem with a patient’s records or accounts and solve it in a fraction of the time it used to take. The application also simplifies mandatory upkeep and monthly updates so administrators are able to save a substantial amount of time there as well.

In addition, both applications now allow Mercy to offer their products to third-party healthcare providers, as well as easily bill them for use of the products. The fact that these providers can customize their MyMercy app through the configuration wizard to fit in with their branding is a feature that makes it attractive and easy to sell.

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