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Miami Children’s Hospital Improves Employee Communication With SharePoint

AAJ Technologies created a portal that not only improved employee communication but also made it easier for the hospital staff to interact with their patients. Read more...

ADI Generates Winning Results, Cost Effective Integration, Interface with AAJ Technologies

Atlantic Dental ADI chose AAJ Technologies to develop a feature rich back end management system... Process used to take 72 hours to finish in the legacy system; now takes less than one hour to complete....The system was developed with future expansion in mind. Read more...

Solving Price and Complexity Challenges Through Digital Transformation

Several social media organizations are trying to improve patient outcomes by providing a holistic view of healthcare costs. By enlisting patients who are willing to provide the prices they were charged for procedures, including receipts or provider statements to validate the pricing information, they are creating an accessible database of healthcare costs that are available for public consumption.

Digital Transformation Solution Saves Bluegreen Vacations $1M per Month

Private vacation ownership companies rely on their customer information databases to generate leads and provide marketing insight. With many remote offices and a highly dispersed workforce, private vacation industry companies need a way to consolidate data across the enterprise.

Digital Transformation Improves Employee Satisfaction, Customer Service and Business Operations for Red Lobster

Even though it might be risky, a corporate split can be quite beneficial for all parties concerned. Separating from a parent company opens many doors of opportunity and allows the new entity to redefine itself and its offerings independent of prohibitive rules and structure.

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