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Launching Windows Azure Log Analytics

Launching Windows Azure Log Analytics   Logging Logging is a


Alexa, tell me about the SFHHA 12th Annual Summit?

Now that we have shared a bit of our own secret sauce, here is a pictorial and video recap of the SFHHA 12th Annual Summit


AAJ Technologies Represents South Florida at MuleSoft Connect 2018

AAJ Technologies, with its 20 year history of enterprise integration and deep experience with MuleSoft Integration is in part sponsoring the MuleSoft Connect 2018 event.

Technology Trends

What Can MuleSoft Do for Your Healthcare Organization?

Today’s world is more data-driven than ever. It’s vital to provide intuitive, robust interfaces to improve patient engagement, and to share data fluidly between departments and organizations.


Business of Biotech 2018 Conference Pictures

Today, 3/2/18 is the Moffitt Cancer Center's Business of Biotech 2018 Conference in Tampa.  Murray Izenwasser our CMO and VP of Strategy and Digital Solutions is at the event filing his report. 

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Honestly Assess Digitally Transforming Your Healthcare Organization

Healthcare organizations that successfully digitally transform themselves can seize new opportunities - while organizations that don’t will likely become obsolete. In the first post of this series, “8 Stages for Digitally Transforming Your Healthcare Organization,” a structured yet flexible approach to digitally transforming your healthcare organization was presented.  The first of these steps was to honestly assess digital transformation of your healthcare organization. In this post, the first step of the digital transformation journey of your healthcare organization will be explored in greater depth. Read more...

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