Webinar – Reducing Readmissions with BI and Analytics

UPDATE: The Webinar was a great success.  Our four speakers did a wonderful job. 

Here is a link to the PowerPoint.

Reducing Readmisssions with BI and Analytics Webinar


UPDATE: The following are the recaps and transcripts of the event for each speaker.  

  • Michele Russell’s presentation, Hospital Readmissions, Analytics, Data Types, Storage and Accessibility Requirements
  • Ed Kiechmier’s case study presentation, A Care Transition System (CTS) to Reduce Hospital Readmissions
  • Kevin Oppenheimer’s presentation, A Dashboard for Predicting Patient Outcomes
  • Andrew Satz’ presentation, Data Analytics to Predict when a Patient will Readmit

Join us for our latest digital health Webinar:  – Reducing Readmissions with BI and Analytics, Thursday, March 22nd, 2 PM est.

AAJ Technologies is committed to bringing you the best information regarding Healthcare IT and digital health. Join us, March 22nd, 2 PM to 3 PM eastern time for our latest Webinar: Reducing Readmissions with BI and Analytics.  We will have 4 speakers in this webinar including a case study.

ABOUT THE WEBINAR: Over 2,500 hospitals are being penalized in FY2018 because of readmissions resulting in a reduction in payments totaling $564M. Deployment of a readmission reduction solution should be approached with purpose and careful calculation to ensure success.

 Download the webinar deck



Michele Russell, CEO, Russell Consulting Group:

About Michele’s presentation: We will explore what you need to know when entering into this type of implementation.

Key takeaways you can expect from Michele:

  • Navigating the concerns over HIPAA privacy and security along with risk mitigation regarding Big Data.
  • Storage concerns – where will the data live? How do we address accessibility, speed and redundancy?
  • Insourcing vs Outsourcing pros and cons.

Jim McKeen, AAJ Technologies Director of Healthcare Solutions

About Jim’s Case Study: How AAJ Technologies Created A Care Transition System (CTS) To Dramatically Reduce Hospital Readmissions. AAJ’s solution addressed four key care transition elements:

  • Medication management.
  • Physician follow-up.
  • Home & community based services.
  • Disease education and self-management.
  • The results: In addition to reduced hospital readmissions, the client also saw increased patient satisfaction and reduced Manual Labor.

Kevin Oppenheimer, Principal Owner, KGO Consulting

About Kevin’s presentation: Kevin’s presentation will focus on using dashboards to predict healthcare outcomes.

  • Kevin’s presentation will focus on the data needed to build the dashboard properly.

Andrew Satz, Co-Founder, Data Scientist and Futurist, Metrix Labs

About Andrew’s presentation: While dashboards allow you to see what is going on with your patients, data analytics can be used to predict when a patient will readmit.

  • Andrew will be covering how data can be used to segment the patient population into groups and then, how to use outcomes to predict which patients are more likely to readmit.
  • In addition, we will discuss how we can use data science to determine what keeps patients from readmitting.

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