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New Series: In case you missed it: 5 recent stories related to Healthcare, BlockChain, Voice, and AI

Each week Murray will curate and provide you the most interesting, most informative and/or most read articles you need to know regarding Healthcare, BlockChain, Voice, and AI. Read more...


Recapping the SUP-X Startup Conference (pictures, video, commentary)

We believe strongly in follow up at AAJ Technologies.  Which is why we are creating this blog post recapping the SUP-X Startup Conference with pictures, video and commentary from our team. Read more...


AAJ Technologies’ Afternoon Recap from the SUP-X Startup Expo Conference

AAJ Technologies’ Afternoon Recap from the SUP-X Startup Expo Conference


SUP-X 2018 AAJ Technologies Startups Practice Booth Presentation

Today is the Startup Expo and Conference, AKA “The SUP-X”

Technology Trends

Digital Technologies and Services for Hospitals and Health Systems

In our previous post in the Opportunities for Digital Transformation


Press Release: AAJ Technologies Sponsoring and Moderating the “Future of Healthcare Innovation” Panel at the SUP X Conference

Amjad Shamim, CEO of AAJ Technologies to Moderate the Future of Healthcare Innovation Panel, AAJ to Sponsor the SUP X Conference. Read more...


Popular Resources for Startups on Twitter & The Web

Entrepreneurs creating a new startup face hard work, tough decisions


Opportunity for Health Plan Payers in Second Half of 2018

In the middle of 2018, what are the latest and greatest opportunities and considerations for healthcare stakeholders – patients, hospitals, providers, payers, physicians & health plans? READ MORE...

Industry Events

Healthcare Innovators Address Patient Experience at the Healthcare IT Expo & Conference

Providing a better patient experience is critical in today’s rapidly evolving healthcare environment. At the inaugural Healthcare IT Expo & Conference (HITExpo) held last month in New Orleans, the  Patient Experience Panel explored... READ MORE...


The Technology is Not Your Startup

The Technology is Not Your Startup. Article 1 in a new series of articles on startups by Andrew Simkovsky, AAJ's Sr. Director of Technology. Read more...

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