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High quality teams · Average 40% cost reduction


Teams with high skills, creativity, innovation plus experience don’t have to be expensive or risky!

AAJ ensures that the experience of hiring our Nearshore Teams is excellent! At an average cost reduction of 40%, we provide teams in a low-risk model that quickly attain high-productivity, introduce innovation, adhere to or provide guidelines on methodologies.

We lead and support companies like yours on the road to digital maturity!

Our agile teams bring in the expertise of our Digital Transformation Studios to embrace the digital culture. We offer social media and back office integration, mobile apps, analytics, and software engineering and support teams with the right mix of experience, innovation, and creativity to help drive profitability into your business.

It is not only about the technology; it is about the digital culture!

Storefront, finance, marketing, and back-office teams must understand and embrace the importance of social app integration, mobile devices, social networks, analytics and the IoT if they want to stay relevant in today’s world.

It is about endless innovation!

Our Digital Transformation Studios share internal R & D and Industry knowledge with our customers as part of our engagements. We believe that sharing this culture of innovation helps bring excellence to every engagement.

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Right Fit Studio

Quality Promise Studio

Mobile, Wearable, BYO, Device Studio

User Engagement Studio

Digital Engagement Studio

User Experience Studio

Cloud Services Studio

Big Data, Business Intelligence Studio

Game Development Studio

Innovation Studio

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