Digital Transformation

At AAJ, we help our clients drive engagement with their ecosystem of employees, partners, vendors and customers. We take the time to envision the digital future-state of your business through a deep analysis of your goals, company culture, and desired outcomes. Then we create a strategy to take you to and beyond where your vision leads. Alternately, if you already have a strategy, we can jump in anywhere along your journey to help you drive change for maximum impact.

Our expert engineers, designers and architects have the practical experience required to take your operations digital, to share information securely, and to explore the potential of today’s digital world. Your result is a digital platform that transforms and modernizes your business, consolidates data and brings valuable insights to your team for continued innovation into the future.

Application Development

The right custom application can change the course of your business, cutting costs, increasing sales and improving the customer experience. AAJ has the technical knowledge to design and develop applications that users love, using the right technology, without bias, for your project and your business, such as Xamarin for mobile app development. Our expert developers create your solution using proven processes and methodologies, including thorough testing to ensure a successful release.

Calling on years of experience and knowledge around creating products, we can help with release management, including global releases that involve various countries, currencies, regulations and laws, localization configurations, customizations and more.

Enterprise Integration

Successfully connecting disparate and diverse technologies and data from different sources requires deep technical knowledge and experience. AAJ has a long history of systems integration. But it’s not just about the technology anymore – it’s about meeting the needs and solving the problems of the business and customers. Leveraging a thorough understanding of your systems, requirements and expectations, and solutions like Microsoft BizTalk, our skilled team will conquer any challenges and ensure a smooth integration process flow.

Whether the integrated systems are on-premise or in the cloud, our team has experience every major platform and application, and we know how to get systems working in concert to bring results.


A move to the cloud means accelerating your business through rapid deployments and provisioning, instant and limitless data capacity growth, always-on computing and connectivity, and new levels of customer satisfaction that can propel you to the forefront of your industry. But transitioning to the cloud with Microsoft Azure or another service isn’t a simple or straightforward process, and without a clear strategy, you can put your organization at risk of failed deployments or potential disruptions to your business operations. AAJ helps you deploy and configure Microsoft Azure, so you can position your organization to experience the full promise and profit potential of the cloud.

Whether you’re exploring the possibilities, considering a gradual changeover, or looking to go all-in on the cloud, AAJ can help you.

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