Microsoft BizTalk

Optimize Performance with Tighter Integration

Microsoft BizTalk

Integration issues between your enterprise applications can lead to glitches that disrupt your operations and require manual workarounds that waste time and money. Microsoft BizTalk solves this problem by serving as an “orchestrator” of numerous process steps and a “translator” so that various applications (which often “speak” different languages) can understand each other and operate seamlessly as a cohesive system.

BizTalk provides “adapters” that connect your applications, data, and devices, so that they can “talk” with each other across organizational boundaries. This enables you to more efficiently exchange business documents (such as purchase orders and invoices) between different systems from inside or outside of your company.

So, how can you deploy a BizTalk application in your IT environment? AAJ Technologies has wide-ranging experience with implementing BizTalk in diverse organizations with complex systems.

We can help you to configure BizTalk in way that optimizes your environment and aligns with your business and technology goals.


Configure apps to exchange purchase orders and invoices with outside partners to reduce order-to-delivery times and shorten revenue cycles.


Integrate apps across your data center and in the cloud, when and where you need them. Connect with legacy and custom apps as well.


Capture data from multiple applications across your organization to provide greater insight into business performance.

The Next Step

Rely on AAJ’s deep expertise in systems integration to help you and your team to successfully implement BizTalk in your organization.

Let AAJ help you reach your business goals with appropriate BizTalk integration!

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