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CHAPTER 1 focuses on product management from basic to advanced level, including the key day-to-day responsibilities for product management success.  You will learn who in your organization is best suited for this position in the beginning when to hire outside help (and how to “let go” of the role if you are a startup founder doing the role yourself).  We’ve also included what qualities to look for, and even the questions you need to ask when hiring a product manager.  Plus, we have provided a list of links to product management success tools.

CHAPTER 2 focuses on the engineering role within a startup.  Engineering role?  You may not think engineering is a key startup component, but we break down the different types of engineers, such as software, front end, back end, systems integration, even app development engineers who can help scale your startup.  You will learn how to build an engineering “machine” (team) that will enable your growth capacity.  Just this chapter alone is worth downloading this ebook for this thought-provoking, thinking-around-corners reference material and ideas on who and when (the different inflection points) you need to add engineers to your stable.

CHAPTER 3 digs deeper into your startup’s scalability, with a look at the options you have available for hiring technologists.  Look for a deep dive into options like hiring in-house engineers and technology teams, vs using external resources.  We will define your opportunities, options, best practices, pro’s and con’s for hiring in-house vs hiring outside, nearshore and offshore to build your engineering “machine”.

CHAPTER 4 “Remote Talent: How Startups are Making it Work”, wraps up chapters one through three with an article on how to recruit, manage, retain, collaborate with and manage communications with remote talent and outsourced teams.  This chapter shares the real-world opportunities, and difficulties you will encounter as your endeavor grows, pivots, and becomes more successful.

BONUS CONTENT: We have provided you with a 5-page appendix packed full of lists, tools, and links to help your startup go faster and grow faster.  The appendix has tons of info on:

  • Administration – Office administration and financial
  • Analytics – Analytical tools
  • Collaboration – Tools for collaboration with internal teams and external partners
  • Design & UI (User Interface) – Tools to help with product design and prototyping
  • Marketing – Various marketing, communications, and website tools
  • Product Research including road mapping
  • Project Management – Project and task planning and management
  • Stock Photos & Videos – Free graphics and images

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